Vacation 2012 Flashback: Rainy or Sunshiny?

Here’s the next installment of the recap of our New York City vaca this past summer– it picks up right after our being stranded at Babycakes vegan bakery!

After our torrential downpours on our last morning in NYC, we had to figure out a way to spend the rest of the afternoon free and clear from the rain.  The obvious solution was a trip to a museum!

Our museum of choice this time around was the Natural History Museum.  I asked my husband if this was where The Night at the Roxbury was filmed– umm. . . movie name fail.   Let’s correct that– I meant to say A Night at the Museum– and yes, that was where it was filmed!

Side view:

IMG_5609 Natural History Museum Side Entrance

Front view:

IMG_5611 Natural History Museum Front Entrance

Here’s just a snipped of some of the cool things that caught my fancy:

One amazing creature. . .

IMG_5613 Natural History Museum Elephant

Don’t remember what this was, but I had never heard of it and it is from India!

IMG_5615 Natural History Museum Animal

More Indian animals!

IMG_5616 Natural History Museum Indian Rhino

Indian gods:

IMG_5617 Natural History Museum Indian Gods

Indian weddings!

IMG_5619 Natural History Museum Indian Wedding

An actress in Indian theater. . . umm can you tell I’m Indian?

IMG_5621 Natural History Museum Indian Actress

And the only non-Indian related museum display I took a photo of because it reminded me of the origins of the Paleo diet!

IMG_5622 Natural History Museum Paleo

Well, we anticipated we would stay in the museum for hours, but after about an hour or so, we noticed it was sunny out and made the executive decision to ditch the museum in favor of some sunshine and an adventure that would take me to another raw foodie mecca I desperately wanted to visit!

It was a bit too far to walk, so we subway-ed it to the Chelsea Market, which I never had been to but knew it held a raw food gem inside.

The arrows told us where to go. . .

IMG_5624 One Lucky Duck Arrow

in order to find One Lucky Duck!

IMG_5625 One Lucky Duck Sign

Chelsea Market is home to one of the small juice and take-away One Lucky Duck locations in New York City. Basically, they sell juices and prepared raw foods, and since I had previously ordered a few items from their on-line store and loved them, I really wanted to pick up a few of their easily transportable raw food items.

I ended up picking up some of their raw crackers and raw chocolate chip cookies. . . I am so happy to have replenished the stash!  Those crackers pair perfectly with my favorite Dr. Cow nut cheese.

I guess the rain was a blessing in disguise, because we were able to check out a pretty sweet museum that we would have certainly skipped if the weather was nice.  I am happy it cleared up though because I needed to get to One Lucky Duck– that was imperative!

We had one final dinner in the city before we headed home. . . stay tuned for my final mini-vacation recap!



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