Oh Merry Day!

Merry Christmas and happy day to you!  I love today. . . and it’s not because I plan on getting any fancy gifts.  Here are the top five reasons why today rules:

1.  I get to give my momma the first appliance for her recently renovated and almost finished home– her very own Keurig!  She’s been crushing on Keurigs for so long, enjoying both mine and my sister’s, it was high time she was presented with one of her own!  I am so excited to see her reaction because my mom is a tough one to give presents to.  She’s the type who “never wants anything,” so when she mentioned how much she wanted a Keurig, I was all over it!

2.  I get to hang out with my lovely mother-in-law and awesome sister-in-law!  My husband’s mom does Christmas right, and since I never grew up with much of a holiday tradition, I appreciate how much effort she puts into the holiday so we all feel the spirit!  More than anything, I just can’t wait to spend time with these ladies, as they truly are of my favorite people in the world.  I sort of feel a bit bad for my husband though, because when the three of us get together, the poor guy can’t stand a chance!

3.  I get to spend the evening with my momma, sissy, and nephews.  It’s so much fun to go to their place in the evening, once all of their gifts are already opened because then, I get to play with all of my nephews new toys.  And when I say “toys,” I mean electronics and video games because those are the sorts of things my nephews are into.  I cannot wait to play whatever latest Wii game they get for Christmas with them today!

My nephew Prem. . . all wrapped up!
My nephew Prem. . . all wrapped up!












4.  The food. . . oh the food.  I don’t know what kind of goodness is in store for me today food-wise, but I do know it will all be delicious!  My mother-in-law always has tasty eats on Christmas, as does my sis, so it will be a day-long, never-ending feast for sure.  I plan on bringing some vegan and gluten-free cookies, gingerbread and banana chocolate chip bread to my sister’s and mother-in-law’s homes for dessert, all courtesy of Wildflour Bakery.

IMG_6424 Wildflour Cookie Tray

IMG_6432 Wildflour Banana and Gingerbread

5.  Duh. . . the 24 hour marathon of the Christmas Story!  Best. . . movie. . . ever (well, at least Christmas movie!).


Perhaps I should add a number six. . . the thing I look most forward to this day is being with everyone I love, and having the time to reflect on all that is good in my life.  Part of that, of course, is you all!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along here on this little old blog, and I hope you all have the best day, best week, and best new year ever!  You’re the best!

Happy Holidays!

What are you most looking forward to today?

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