What I Do On A Typical Vacation Day

Yesterday was the quintessential “Ami is on vacation” day.  Now, you would think because I am a teacher and have an ample amount of vacation days, including the summer, that these “Ami on vacation” days would be quite common.  However, the opposite is true because if I had days like this as often as I am on vacation, I would be broke!

I declared yesterday my “fun day.”  I had the day to myself with no real obligations and was intent on treating myself.  I had already done the bulk of my take-home schoolwork on Thursday, so truly, yesterday was stress-free and a perfect day for doing exactly what I felt like doing.

Here’s some of the highlights!

First, I went to the gym and had a great 8-mile run while reading The Hunger Games on my IPad.  I am so grateful I have the ability to read and run on the treadmill without getting dizzy or anything because it is such an efficient use of time.  I also lifted weights for upper body (that’s three days  of weightlifting this week!).

Immediately post-run, I went to a local nail salon to get a manicure.  Honestly, I probably haven’t had one of those in six years because my nails just get destroyed so quickly.  I think it has a lot to do with being a teacher and writing on the chalkboard– chalk is deadly for  nails!  Unfortunately, even though it’s a walk-in salon, I was asked to come back in an hour.  Since I had plenty o’ time, I didn’t mind and spent an hour doing errands like picking up my mom’s prescriptions, running to the grocery store for some fruit and even stopping by at my house to wash dishes!  While at home, I freshened up a bit and changed out of my gym clothes before heading back to the salon.

I like to keep things simple, so I got a French manicure.  Being there though inspired me to go back more often– I now vow to get a manicure once every few weeks!  I love how nice my nails and hands look, and I want to keep that up.  Next time, I want to try one of those gel manicures. . . anyone out there tried that type of manicure?  If so, is it worth it?

IMG_6450 Ami Manicure

After that, I headed home for lunch– I had my standard Mexican-style salad and fruit.

IMG_5750 Mexican Salad

IMG_5751 Mixed Fruit

Immediately after lunch, I went out on an adventure.  I have never been to ULTA, the beauty store, and since I am in the market for new skin products, I thought I would check it out.  I didn’t end up buying anything (I was too overwhelmed by the choices!), but it least it has motivated me to do some skincare product research!  I also stopped by the bookstore but left empty-handed.  Once again, there were just too many choices!


I was in the area, so a pit-stop at TJ’s was necessary (yes, this was my second grocery store trip of the day!).  I just bought some produce that is unique to Trader Joe’s, like their Power Greens and shredded brussels sprouts.

IMG_3900 Trader Joe's

Then, I stopped at my favorite clothing store– Anthropologie.  I tried on at least ten items, and took home four sweaters on sale!  I still spent more than I probably should have, but oh well– it was an Ami vacation day!

Finally, I stopped at my mom’s work to drop off her medicine.  I chatted with her for a bit before I headed home for the night.  It was only 5 when I got home, but I thought that was a perfect time to change into my pajamas and park myself on the couch to wait for the hubster to come home.  The rest of the night involved dinner with the husband in front of the tv and an early bedtime.

It was such a great day!

What sorts of things do you do when you take a day for yourself?  What are your favorite skincare lines?

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