Vegan Cut Snackbox: A Glimpse

Did anyone else have the laziest Saturday ever? My husband and I had grand plans to see Les Mis and more importantly go out to dinner with two friends at an incredible restaurant that has not made it to the blog yet. Then, of course, this had to happen:

IMG_6459 12-29-12 Snow 2

That pic is from when the snow began in the afternoon, and believe me, it just got much worse as the night went on. My husband and I decided to resign to mother nature and stay in– all day and all night.

Well, I did manage to go to the gym for a long run before the snow trapped us indoors, but other than that, I was as lazy as ever. I spend the whole day taking up residence in one of the most comfortable places in my house– our lovely couch.

IMG_6461 12-29-12 Couch

Normally my couch is all nice and neat, but I totally destroyed it with my constant shifts from an upright, seated position to a reclining-I-might-just-take-a-nap position.  I spent the whole day reading The Hunger Games trilogy while my husband occupied the tv playing video games.  Oh, and I took full advantage of my new heated blanket (thanks Momma Blaz!).

I did get one exciting delivery though– it was so exciting I broke out of my laziness just enough to retrieve the package from the doorstep!

IMG_6417 Vegan Cuts Box

Inside was my first ever Vegan Cuts Snackbox!  A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to their monthly box o’ vegan treats.  I order so much from this website anyway (which is the like Groupon, but for vegans) that I thought a monthly sampling of thier latest finds would be a quite a nice treat to myself.  I mean, who wouldn’t love getting a monthly package of vegan surprises every month, right?

F.Y.I– the cost of the box is 19 dollars per month, plus free shipping.

Here’s what my little package contained:  a small packet of coconut oil, some vegan and gluten-free brownies, a package of sea snax roasted seaweed and some vegan, all-natural gummy candies.

IMG_6418 Vegan Cuts Photos 1

Also included was an awesome glass straw, a 2-load sample of laundry detergent and a candy cane!

IMG_6422 Vegan Cuts Photo 3

Not everything is something I would necessarily eat– I gave away the candy cane and fruit snacks.  However, everything else was right up my alley!  The glass straw alone was worth it!

I look forward to getting my next Snackbox.  For now, I am going to check out the snow situation and see if I will be granted yet another lazy day on the couch. . . which are sort of the best kinds of days ever!

What did you do yesterday?  Were you hit by any snow?

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