What I Ate Wednesday On Saturday

What’s up friends? Happy Wednesday! Unfortunately for me, this week is sort of dragging. I am adjusting to a new class schedule as far as teaching goes because three of the classes I teach are semester classes, and Monday marked the start of the new semester. That means new students. . . and therefore lots of new student names to remember! Two of my classes, however, are year-long, so at least I can find comfort and familiarity in those two classes. It’s kind of weird, because in a way, it feels like the first week of school all over again, but at the same time, I feel like once this week is over, it will be as if nothing changed! Cheers anyway to half of the school year being over!

I managed to capture all of my eats on Saturday. I’ll start this WIAW party (thanks Jenn for hosting!) with breakfast of course! Saturday’s breakfast was one in transition. I finished off the remains of this mini-bag of Purely Elizabeth’s granola and also busted into this Chocolate Fix Paleonola. I guess I had the best of both worlds. . .


My usual toppings of coconut milk kefir, peanut butter, banana and pumpkin pie spice were involved.


Since I didn’t eat a single salad all week for lunch, I was seriously craving my veggie-filled Mexican style, mostly if not all raw, salad. Spring greens, romaine, daikon, cucumber, grated carrots, and sprouts fulfilled my veggie quotient. The “dressing” was basically what happens when you combine pico de gallo, vegan parmesan (nutritional yeast-based) and half of an avocado and toss the veggies in it all quite vigorously. The reason I am not sure if this is all raw is because of the pico de gallo I used from Trader Joe’s. I know fresh pico de gallo is raw, but I am not sure if store-bought brands are, although it seems so!


Fruit, fruit, fruit to follow– what else is new?


It was date night on Saturday, so we headed to one of our favorite Indian restaurants for dinner called Rasoi.  Not only is Rasoi incredible on its own, but it doesn’t hurt that it is in the same plaza as my favorite local vegan bakery, Wildflour!  Don’t be shocked that we went there too. . .



My husband insisted on snapping this pic of me.   I am smiling, but just I was holding back the ravenous beast within.


We shared some crispy rice and lentil wafers (pappadum) first.


And then our apps arrived!  Here are the aloo tikki chaat, or sweet potato patties doused in tamarind and chickpeas.  It’s one of my favs for sure.


Plus, we ordered a side of “Cauliflower 65,” aka crispy cauliflower florets in a sweet and spicy  coating.


For my meal, I had saag tofu, brown rice and “the lentil of the day.”  Rasoi’s saag tofu is awesome– not only is it vegan, but honestly, you would never even miss the cream that is in traditional saag dishes.  The spinach was plenty creamy on its own!


I ate most of the rice, all of the lentils and half of the saag.  I was saving room for dessert.  Of course, I made my husband stop with me at Wildflour to see what sorts of vegan and gluten-free treats they had.  Lucky for me they had a new cupcake flavor– lemon blueberry!  We took one home so I could doctor it up a bit with ice cream.



I created a dessert “snack plate” with the cupcake, TJ’s soy vanilla ice cream and TJ’s dark chocolate almond bark.  The cupcake was amazing– I am not one for fruity flavored desserts, but it was essentially a vanilla cupcake with lemon and blueberry accents which made it perfectly acceptable to my taste buds.


It was a great day of food– a nice mix of healthy staples and indulgent treats, which is what I think all Saturdays should consist of.  I ended up crashing out on the couch shortly after dessert was consumed.  That fifteen miler definitely caught up with me, and I was out like a light by 10!  What a party animal, I know!

I hope this week is moving right along for you all– have any fun weekend plans?  Have a great rest of the day, and see you all tomorrow!

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