Recent Eats 1

Here’s some of my favorite meals of the week. . .

First, a lunch where this awesome Whole Foods Greek hummus and this baba ghanoush were the stars of the show.


I made up a delicious lunch plate of baby grape tomatoes, carrot sticks, romaine, cucumber, daikon, a full piece of pumpkin socca, hummus, baba ghanoush, and sprouted beans.  I was really into this Mediterranean tasting plate!  Oh, and everything was topped with TJ’s garlic salt, which is amaze.


Dessert, to honor the Mediterranean theme, was a few dates.  I know, they’re pretty unphotogenic.


A recent breakfast featured this new-to-me granola. . . the name isn’t very creative is it?


Great ingredients and stats, no?


Lots of whole and slivered almonds– I approve!


Paired with coconut milk kefir, a sliced banana, sunflower seed butter, chia and hemp seeds and pumpkin pie spice to finish it off.  I loved each and every bite of this bowl.


Love this snack– some all-fruit leathers and dry roasted edamame for protein power!


And my favorite recent eat?  This amazing combo I devoured for lunch.  On the plate is some sautéed spinach (cooked with garlic, salt, pepper and canola oil), steamed asparagus, raw carrot sticks, a baked sweet potato, hummus, baba ghanoush, and sprouted beans.


The above meal hit the spot big-time.  I need to eat more baked sweet potatoes!

What’s been your favorite lunch lately?

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