Date Night At Fleming’s Steakhouse

My husband had received a gift card for Fleming’s Steakhouse, a fairly upscale steakhouse in Providence that is part of a nation-wide chain. The last time we went to Fleming’s, I was avoiding gluten and dairy at all costs. However, this time around, in my efforts to test the impact of gluten and dairy on my digestion on a once-a-week or so basis, I indulged in both. . . and had an amazing meal to boot! (P.S.– I am happy to report that the gluten and dairy consumed from this meal seemed to have no adverse impact on my digestion or overall physical health! Again, I am planning on avoiding gluten and dairy in my day-to-day diet, but will consume them when dining out as long as I don’t feel physically bad during or after eating those sorts of foods.)

Moving on. . . we had a 9 P.M. reservation on Saturday night (over a week ago. . . better late than never with this post, right?) with thankfully only a ten minute wait!


To keep myself entertained, I snapped photos of the floor mat. . .


Fleming’s has a great old school steakhouse atmosphere with lots of wooden accents. We sat in a cozy booth, and since we were both starving, we ordered as soon as the waiter came over.

Fortunately, they brought over some of this amazing bread to tide us over until our food came. This bread came to us warm and toasty with a nice soft inside. Better yet, it was an herbed bread that sort of tasted like focaccia. Served along with whipped sun-dried tomato butter and a whipped feta spread, the bread itself could have been my main meal and I would have been satisfied! The best way to eat it was to grab a chunk and layer on both spreads. The end result was a yummy bite that tasted like pizza!


For my meal, I ordered their signature salad and just like last time, it was incredible.  I love restaurants that take salad seriously. . . every single bite was perfectly coated in a  sweet and tangy dressing that I assume was balsamic-based.  The salad itself contained romaine, grape tomatoes, candied walnuts, raisins, and red onions.  I have to say this salad probably ranks in my top ten of restaurant salads.


Now, let’s talk fries.  Just like in most steakhouses, all sides are a la carte for the table to share.  We ordered their seasoned french fries and they were spot-on.  Piping hot, crisp on the outside and gooey inside– they were so, so good!


We also shared an order of chipotle cheddar mac n’ cheese.  It had a smoky flavor that I am not used to, but all in all, it was quite tasty and I definitely would order it again!


Between my husband and I, we demolished everything with the exception of a few fries.  One thing my husband says he misses since I went vegan and gluten-free is sharing desserts in restaurants.  To be honest, it’s a ritual I also missed, so when I told him I was willing to share a dessert, he was so excited!  But first, I made sure I had me some decaf!


We split this carrot cake.  It was, as my husband declared, the best carrot cake he has ever had because it was everything he looks for in a dessert.  It was creamy from the cream cheese frosting, soft from the moist cake and chewy from the flecks of carrots and raisins.  I have to admit, I do miss dairy and gluten-ful desserts like this!


By the time we were done around 10:30, I was three things:  full, sleepy and extremely happy!


I think the best part of this meal was how my husband and I shared.  When I avoided gluten and dairy entirely, we kind of lost that experience since so many things in restaurants were off-limits.  We rarely ordered apps or desserts when dining out that we could share.  I am glad that every once in a while we can go back to the act of sharing because I am incorporating (and thankfully tolerating) some gluten and dairy in my diet.

What’s your favorite kind of cake?  Mine is vanilla with whipped cream frosting!  I wish more restaurants would serve vanilla cake– anyone know why they don’t?

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