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While on vacation from work for a week, the meal I was most excited to experiment with was lunch because of a few reasons. First, I didn’t have to pre-pack it the night before as I normally do during a work week, so I was able to be much more spontaneous and eat exactly what I was craving at the moment. Second, I actually had TIME to eat! At work, I have 18 minutes max, so it was quite a luxury to spend half an hour to an hour eating! In fact, I went out of my way to create lunches that took a long time to eat simply because I could.  Finally, I had a bunch of great new raw foods I ordered recently to try out, which made lunchtime that much more exciting!

Remember how I told you about my order from the raw food mecca One Lucky Duck in New York City? Well, one of the items I ordered that I was most interested in trying was this raw macadamia nut cheddar crunch.


Intended to be a crunchy salad topper or snack grabbed by the handful, this stuff is addictive!  It smells and tastes like Cheez-its, but has a nice nutty crunch!  Plus, the ingredient list is pretty awesome, which is icing on the (raw) cake.


The texture was perfect– there were tons of nutty clusters. . .


I ended up topping a salad beast with the crunchies– that along with additional vegan parm made the salad taste so incredibly cheesy!


OK– this isn’t lunch, but it was definitely a lunch dessert!  In addition from ordering from One Lucky Duck, I ordered some fun raw foods from Glaser Organic Farms.  One of the products I wanted to try was this raw, vegan avocado-based pudding pie!  Basically, it was chocolate avocado pudding over a date and nut crust.


Sorry for the below unappealing pic, but based on the use of two utensils here you can kind of see how difficult it was to get half of the pie out of the container in tact.  The crust ended up mixing into the pudding, but all in all, it was still amazing.  I honestly would have never known it was avocado-based and if someone told me it was dairy-based, I wouldn’t have questioned it.  Delicious indeed!


I also ordered this raw tahini herb dressing and sauerkraut from Glaser Farms as well.  When I opened the dressing I noticed how thick it was, so I decided to use it more as a dip rather than a dressing.


I composed the ultimate snacky lunch plate.  The only non-raw items on the plate were the sauteed spinach and steamed asparagus.  Everything else was completely raw!  I had some carrot sticks, a few spoons of herb dressing, a few spoons of kraut (the only thing I wasn’t in love with), a wedge of Dr. Cow raw dulse and nut cheese, raw rosemary crackers, raw veggie chips, and 2 raw chickpea croquettes (also from Glaser Farms).


Wow– this was the ultimate savory lunch!  All of the raw items had such immense flavor that each bite was sort of epic.  The dressing/dip was really tasty– you could taste the herbs but the herby taste wasn’t too overwhelming.  The only thing I didn’t adore was the sauerkraut.  It was really, really gingery and a little mushy.  I ate what was there– fermented veggies are like medicine for the gut– but I doubt I will be diving into the rest of the jar headfirst.  I will still eat a spoonful a day for the probiotics at least!

Raw foods are so fun to play around with, but admittedly, these specialty foods are definitely pricey.  The thing about me though is I really can and do savor all the raw food splurges I purchase.  I definitely don’t eat anything I order in one sitting– I enjoy a little at a time (well, if it’s not super perishable) and attempt to appreciate the treats in small doses to make it last.

As for now, it’s back to packed lunches for me since school is back in session!

Are there any foods you attempt to “stretch out” because they are rare, hard-to-get or otherwise of great value?

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