My February Ipsy Bag

A new month. . . a new Ipsy beauty bag (well, it’s not really a new month since tomorrow is March– I am just a bit behind here!).

I still can’t get over how cute the packaging of the Ipsy bag is– iridescent fuschia packaging is the way to go for sure!


This month’s bag itself was a black, shiny vinyl bag– it was very cute and I can see myself using it for pens and pencils at work!


A peek inside. . .


First up, I found this MICA Beauty eyeshadow.  I think everyone can always use a good black eyeshadow, so I was really happy with this product.


See, it’s black!


Then, I came across this POP Beauty black liquid eyeliner.  This is another score, as I don’t actually own any liquid eyeliner and I definitely want to experiment with it!


Next up, a makeup primer from Pixi.  This is another type of product I don’t own but am excited to try so once again, this was a great surprise.


I think the weirdest thing I got was this package of mascara shields.  I am not sure exactly how to use them yet, nor do I think it will be something I use regularly, but I am willing to give them a try!


Finally, the best for last. . . I was given this palette of eyeshadows from Coastal Scents.  The colors are great and definitely workable for my skin tone, and how cool is it to have a mini palette of eyeshadows, especially for traveling?  I love it!


Ipsy has really been impressive thus far.  I pretty much am happy with everything I received this month, and I can’t wait to experiment with some of my loot!

Are you big into eye make-up?  Have any advice for using liquid liners (because to be honest, they intimidate me!)?

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