What I Ate Wednesday. . . Going Green For March!

Happy Wednesday friends! Jenn over at Peas and Crayons (who so graciously hosts this lovely party) came up with a wonderfully appropriate theme for this month– going green for March! I try to incorporate green veggies in every meal except breakfast– I still haven’t tried making a green smoothie although that’s on my bucket list. I adore this theme because I really do make a concerted effort to eat green veggies everyday, even if it is a sneaky way. Many of my meals this week were all greened out, so those are the ones I thought I would share!

While my breakfast wasn’t very green at all, it certainly was high on the raw factor. I purchased this new-to-me raw Kaia date and buckwheat granola from Whole Foods a little while ago, and I tried it for my morning meal this week.


It had lots of great clusters, which is always a win in my book.


This raw, buckwheat-based granola was so crunchy! I like how it featured sunflower seeds, which is a nice departure from my usual nutty granolas. While it was just a bit earthy tasting, it was sweetened enough from the dates– overall, I really enjoyed it!

Along with the granola, I tried this raw sprouted almond butter from Dastony.


When I popped open the jar, I didn’t even have to stir it!  It’s incredibly drippy as is and very tasty– it has a nice, natural sweetness too it that many almond butters lack in my opinion.


Drippy nut butter + crunchy raw granola +ripe banana + unsweetened coconut flakes + coconut milk kefir = perfection!


Here’s a lunch I ate on Sunday.  As for the “green” element, I had sautéed spinach, raw TJ’s kale chips, steamed asparagus and a raw dill pickle.  In addition, I had some pickled cauliflower and broccoli (more green), raw rosemary crackers, raw Dr. Cow cheese, raw chickpea croquettes, an organic carrot with raw tahini herb dressing (even more green!).


This is a recycled pic, but I did have this same exact dinner last night!  I cooked up a veggie-fied tofu scramble served over quinoa, and ate it along with a bunch of steamed veggies.  I heart tofu scramble. . . I love it when there’s almost as much green as there is tofu!


For dessert 1, a sliced Honeycrisp. . .


and for dessert 2, unpictured dark chocolate!

I love greens, and for me, they are pretty easy to incorporate into delicious meals.  Plain old lettuce definitely gets boring for me too, so I love to figure out ways to cook them into other dishes!

How do you incorporate greens into your daily eats?

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