What I Ate Wednesday: How to “Green” Meals

A new week, a new Wednesday, and the best part? A new What I Ate Wednesday of course! Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting.

Since this month’s theme is all about going green, I thought I would share my thoughts with you about my number one way I green up my savory meals. It’s easy enough to get in a good amount of greens in a salad of course, but lately, salads have not been my go-to lunches. I have been favoring soups or quinoa lately while I patiently wait for my taste buds to crave fresh salads again. Despite my surely temporary lack of enthusiasm for salads, I still want to make sure I eat some type of greens for lunch everyday. So, what I do is put all my lunches on a bed of greens and then microwave them so the greens get all nice and wilty. It’s so easy to pack a cup or two of greens into a soup of you wilt them down into the soup, and the same goes for piling quinoa over a hefty serving of greens before heating. This strategy, featured in my lunch shown later in the post, enables me to eat an epic amount of greens without having to crunch through raw salads.

Anyway, my breakfast yesterday featured no greens at all, but it did incorporate a new nut butter. This raw sprouted hazelnut butter is divine!


I wanted to keep things simple but still delicious, so I paired the nut butter with Love Grown’s Simply Oats granola.


Of course, I added in a sliced banana, cinnamon and coconut milk kefir.


My best lunch of the week incorporated greens two ways.  First, I had this small container of Brad’s kale chips.  The Vampire Killer flavor is incredible– I am officially obsessed.  I paired the kale chips with some raw Dr. Cow cashew and dulse cheese.



In addition to the chips and cheese, I had some Trader Joe’s minestrone soup over greens, grated carrots, daikon, cucumber and pea shoots.  After five minutes in the micro, all the veggies were cooked, resulting in what I call a souper-salad!  This soup from TJ’s is one of my favorite TJ’s products ever.  Vegan and gluten-free, it is chock full of veggies, beans and brown rice.


Here’s a bird’s eye view of my entire lunch!  Talk about volume!


The dinner below was enjoyed on Saturday night at Abysinnia, an amazing Ethiopian restaurant in Providence.  I started my meal with a vegetarian sambusa (kind of like an Indian samosa) stuffed with lentils.


We also ordered some injera chips (deep-fried injera), which came with the most delicious spicy dip.



For my main meal, I devoured this vegetarian combo plate.  I love the emphasis here on veggies and legumes– Ethiopian food not only tastes fantastic, but it is pretty healthy too!


My healthfulness pretty much stopped when dessert rolled around.  Darn my husband for bringing home Crumbs cupcakes for me every weekend!  This one was cookie dough flavored, with a vanilla cake and cookie dough frosting.  It is now my second favorite Crumbs cupcake, just behind my beloved Happy Birthday cupcake.


It is pretty easy for me to get sick of greens. . . if I eat them the same way over and over again.  However, I have learned how to mix it up– I now enjoy them raw, cooked and in chip form, so they never get old!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy greens?

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