Two Products That Are Just OK

Usually, when I feature products I have tried here on the blog, I focus on the ones I love.  However, there’s always going to be a few misses. . . and I figured, in efforts to keep it real, it’s high time I discuss some items I’ve encountered recently that are just alright.

I often order rare and exotic nut butters online, and up until recently, have  thoroughly enjoyed each and every nut butter I have encountered.  I ordered this jar of raw black pumpkin seed butter, figuring it would be amazing because it was so unique!

IMG_ Black Pumpkin Seed Butter Jar

It literally looks like olive tapenade. . .

IMG_6096 Black Pumpkin Seend Butter Spoon

and it tasted like it too! While it is palatable, and I will finish the entire jar, the pumpkin seed butter is a bit briny tasting. I almost thought that perhaps the pumpkin seeds were blended with olive oil, thus lending the olive-y taste, but no dice– the ingredients are pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and sea salt. The best way I found to eat this stuff is paired with super sweet bananas, as the sweet and salty combo was actually pretty decent. All in all though, I would not buy this again, as I like nut butters that have a natural sweetness to them.

Another item I finally broke into the other day was this rawnola from Le Pain Quotidien, which I had purchased when I was in New York City months ago. I had hesitated to actually open it because when I read the ingredients (which are awesome, like sprouted buckwheat and a whole bunch or raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruits with no preservatives) I noticed that it was completely unsweetened. While no added sugar is certainly an excellent quality, it also led me to believe it wouldn’t be too tasty. I mean, have you ever had unsweetened granola? Neither have I– until the other day.

IMG_6110 Le Pain Quotidien Rawnola

While it was super crunchy and the dried bananas, goji berries and raisins did provide a subtle sweetness, it was kind of bland like I expected. I will finish the bag, but I am going to have to combine it with other granolas in order to make it more appealing.

Again, the point of this post was not to trash any brands or food products; in fact, I am not totally disappointed with either item. Rather, it’s to show you guys that there are things I don’t like all too much! It’s an easy trap to fall into just talking about the things you enjoy– I just wanted to make sure I let you all know that for every great, new and exciting product I gush over, there are usually a few duds too!

What’s the last foodie find you weren’t so in love with? Why?

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