Plans For Today

Good morning friends!  Just a quick Saturday post for you to fill you in on what I’m up to today.  I had a semi-rough week, so I am looking forward to today as a fresh start. As soon as I publish this post, it’s gym time!  I pretty much blew the gym off all week except for yesterday, so I am very much looking forward to sweating– a lot.  In fact, I hope I can go for a long walk with my husband later today too, which can help make up for my lack of activity this week.

After the gym, my husband and I are checking out a house in the area that’s for sale.  We have been pretty active lately in looking for a larger home, but it’s tough because we have to stay in our immediate neighborhood (that’s a condition of one of my husband’s jobs) and where we live, homes are pretty expensive.  We almost put an offer on a house last week but decided at the last minute not to since we decided it wasn’t big enough.  I am excited to see what this one’s all about today, but I have a feeling it’s out of our price range too!

As I said, once we see the house, I hope to go on a long walk with the husband.  Then, it’s school-work time.  I just have to do a little planning for a few of my classes– it shouldn’t take me long.  I imagine then I will eat lunch, work on the blog a bit and inevitably take a nap!  It always happens on Saturday afternoons– I can’t keep my eyes open!

I know my husband and I will go out to dinner later, but where is still a mystery.  Perhaps Thai food?  Then, it will be back home, back to the couch, and I feel that my night will end with me passing out ten minutes after sitting down to watch tv– again, it’s a time when I can’t keep my eyes open!

All in all, things are looking nice and low-key, which is exactly how I like to spend my Saturdays!

What are you up to today?

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