Sunday Snippit: April Is The New January

January is usually the month of fresh starts and new beginnings. Despite my best mental efforts to clean up certain areas of my life at the start of January, my actions didn’t necessarily support my intentions. In addition, I came across many challenges that kept me from physically being able to do all that I wanted, such as aches/pains/injuries and the adjustment period that comes when coming off a few medications all at once. Even now, I am plagued by back and hip issues and my body is still going through a roller coaster as it tries to achieve some sort of equilibrium. However, as March comes to a close (and we all know March is one of the toughest months to get through!) and the weather gets warmer, I can feel my attitude shifting too, towards the more positive and away from the “woe is me” mentality I have been rocking. As far as I am concerned, April is the new January, and as we enter what is always a promising month for me, I am going to actually implement some actions that will lead me to a better place.


I don’t have it all mapped out quite yet, but here’s a few things I am pursuing this month to get me in a better place. First, I just saw my primary care doc last week, and she gave me a prescription for physical therapy to strengthen my back. I hope to have my first appointment this week! Also, I am going to have regular accupuncture sessions to help me with all of my ailments. I am going to continue with my hot yoga classes once a week, and I am also going to continue to cut back significantly on running until I feel one hundred percent. I am going to be better about crosstraining during the week– well first, I am going to be better about going to the gym during the week period (assuming I feel OK)! I also plan on diversifying my eats– I am kind of sick of a lot of foods I eat regularly, so I am going to challenge myself to branch out! There’s a few other things I have in mind, but I am still working those out.

If you have fallen into a slump lately, why not make April your new February too!

What are your April goals?

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