Girls Night Out At Papa Razzi

You don’t often catch me here on the blog “hanging out with the girls.” That’s probably because some of my best girl friends are my coworkers, so I see them nearly everyday! When you see your crew every day, it’s easy to not actually plan other, outside of work, outings because again, it’s not like we don’t hang out all the time! Still, we do try every once in a while to get together for a girls night out so we can really let loose and relax! This past Thursday night, me and my teacher besties (there’s five of us all together!) finally got together to chat over good food and wine (well, none of that for me!). Our night out was just what we needed– it’s much easier to gossip about work when we’re not actually at work!

We went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants called Papa Razzi. Papa Razzi is a small Boston-based chain and there’s only one in Rhode Island, which makes it quite a popular spot. It’s casual but classy, but most importantly, the food is consistently delicious. It was the obvious choice for us since it’s pretty centrally located and is a great spot to have a nice three-hour dinner and bonding sesh!


When I mentioned Papa Razzi when we were deciding where to go, my friend L immediately began gushing about their breads. Truly, their bread is reason enough to eat there. As soon as we sat down, our awesome waiter brought over to us this basket of thin, crispy breadsticks, and I immediately devoured two. They’re not flavored per se, but despite their simplicity, they taste amazing.


Even better though than their breadsticks is their fresh, warm focaccia. Dipped in their spicy olive oil, it is heaven on a plate. I also downed two pieces of that doughy goodness.


We all decided to start with either soup or salad, so I went with a half portion of my favorite salad their– the insalata di campo. The salad consisted of greens, gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes, and dried cranberries. I always get this salad at Papa Razzi, and I especially love it because they toss the greens with their tangy balsamic dressing rather than just drizzle it on top or serve it on the side, which ensures every leaf is coated in yumminess.


I was going to either order their gnocchi in pink sauce or their bruschetta with mozzarella, but when I saw their pizza at another table, I immediately changed my mind.  Margherita pizza it was!


The pizza was so delicious!  The crust was nice and light but still quite flavorful, and the tomato sauce was so fresh-tasting.  I only ate two pieces though because I wanted to be a good wife and take some home to my husband.

A funny story about out night– the waiter noticed one of my friends didn’t eat much of her meal.  He asked if she didn’t like it, but she said she did.  He then insisted it wasn’t cooked right and that’s why she didn’t like it, although, again, she said it was just fine– she just wasn’t that hungry!  Our waiter continued to claim the food was not prepared right and said he wasn’t going to charge us for it.    Then the manager came over and offered her another meal!  Talk about customer service– my friend never even complained about the food once!

Anyway, we had an awesome night.  I love my work friends so much– they truly are my sisters and even though we see each other nearly every day, it is still so special when we get to go out on the town!

Do you have coworkers you are close with?  Do you manage to make time to see them outside of work?

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