March Vegan Cuts Box

March’s Vegan Cuts box was a good one, full of new and interesting vegan food and even lifestyle products I am eager to try. A big box is always a good sign. . .


First peek!


I love how they include this list of all products contained in the box, and a little bit of info about them.


I noticed this coupon for Earth Balance Mindful Mayo first. . . it’s not something I will likely use but it was a nice touch.


This full-sized VBar is what I am most excited to try.  I saw these on the Vegan Cuts site and almost ordered a box last week!   It’s fitting that they sent me one so now I can actually try it before I make my decision to order them.


I have heard great things about this Cocomocorn– it could be a fun addition to a vegan ice cream bowl.


This is a body scrub made of all natural, plant-based ingredients.  It was the only non-food item in March’s box, and I am definitely into trying it out!


Falafel chips for the win!


And another bar. . . this one is a Barre bar and while I don’t  know much about them, I am generally a fan of bar samples so I am sure I will like this one.


One of the most processed items in the box. . .


Probably the least desired item in the box is this natural electrolyte drink.  I don’t really drink anything besides water so maybe I will pass this to the husband.


Easter chocolate!


Last but not least, the most cutting-edge sample in the box.  This here is vegan egg replacer meant for cookies specifically!


Along with the egg replacer came a little booklet explaining how to use the egg replacer, providing nutritional information, and also giving a few recipes where the egg replacer would work!



All in all, this was definitely a good box– full of things I would normally buy, plus a few I wouldn’t have the guts to try out on my own!

Have you tried any new foods or products lately?  Anything good?  Do share!

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