Black Bean Spaghetti

Talk about a blunt post title, right? Well, I am seriously in a food rut. Nothing I usually make sounds good and it’s bothering me! In fact, I may write a whole post on this topic later, so for now, I will cut to the chase. I want to eat clean out my pantry in efforts to force myself to eat some new things I haven’t had the courage or will to try yet. A few months ago, I purchased this black bean spaghetti at a health foods store and promptly forgot about it, that is until I spotted it in my pantry a few days ago. Since I am bored out of my mind with my usual eats, I decided to give it a whirl!


I was especially attracted to this Explore Asia brand organic spaghetti because of the simple ingredients (just black beans and water!), and the high protein content.  It has over twenty grams of protein per serving!


I took out approximately one-third of the spaghetti to cook up for an individual serving.  It definitely had a unique, beany aroma!


I boiled up some water and tossed it in, letting it cook for about seven minutes or so.  As it cooked, I took out this jar of Amy’s Marinara that I have also been hoarding for a while!


I ended up combining the sauce with the pasta and serving it alongside some sautéed spinach and steamed broccoli.


The verdict?  Well, it ain’t your average spaghetti that’s for sure!  It stayed al dente– in fact, I would next time probably cook it for a minute or two longer– and it has a distinctive chew!  As far as taste, it doesn’t taste like typical pastas do, but the taste was pleasant, and again, for a lack of a better word, beany.  If you are into beans, you will be into this pasta I think, and since I am, it tasted great!  It’s definitely an awesome alternative to spaghetti given the protein content and great ingredient list, and I am definitely going to have this again this week!

Have you ever tried black bean pasta or any other pasta-esque alternative?

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