Four Seasons Restaurant

Sometimes, my husband feels deprived when it comes to dining out at Asian restaurants. I do love Asian food, but, for some reason, I am rarely in the mood to eat out at an Asian restaurant. My cravings tend to go towards things like pizza and french fries, which is a far cry from what I order at most Asian restaurants. This past Saturday, though, my husband got lucky. I wasn’t craving anything in particular, so when he begged for Asian food, I happily agreed.

At my suggestion, we decided to go to one of my childhood favorites– a place called Four Seasons in nearby Cranston, Rhode Island.


My history with Four Seasons goes back a long way. When I was in middle and high school, my dad would pick me up from school and take me out on father/daughter lunch dates at least once a week. More often than not, we would end up at Four Seasons, where I always ordered the same thing– nime chow, homestyle bean curd, and white rice. About six years ago, I took my husband to Four Seasons so I could share with him this place that has such a special place in my heart. He loved the food, but unfortunately we didn’t go back until now. Shortly after we visited, Four Seasons experienced a fire, shutting down the restaurant for quite a while.


Silly me, I thought Four Seasons never reopened! However, last week, when I was discussing good Asian restaurants with my co-worker, I brought up Four Seasons and lamented how it closed down. He then informed me that it definitely was open– in fact, he said he went there last week!

And lo and behold, when I called ahead last Saturday to make sure they were open, they were!

Four Seasons is more of a Pan-Asian restaurant, offering lots of cuisines from Southeast Asia as well as standard Chinese favorites.

When we sat down, we were happy to see green tea brought to the table without even having to ask!


My husband and I started with orders of vegetarian nime chow, or spring rolls.  Stuffed with rice noodles, mint, and some veggies and doused with peanut sauce– these nime chow are definitely some of the best in the state.  The rice paper wrapping was nice and chewy without being sticky or greasy.


For dinner, I ordered brown rice and vegetables in a lemongrass sauce, to which I added steamed tofu and peanuts.  The serving size was huge– I could barely eat one-third of my meal!  The dish was amazing– the veggies were fresh, the sauce was bursting with flavor, and the addition of tofu and peanuts were a nice protein punch that gave the dish some lasting power!


A special word on their lemongrass sauce– I could really just eat a bucket of this sauce all by itself!  What a perfect way to sop up the rice!


Thank goodness I found out that Four Seasons is back in action post-fire.  The food is so tasty, and it is worth mentioning that the service is out of this world.  The staff was so smiley and attentive and super willing to accommodate special requests.

I decided to enjoy dessert at home because I had bought myself a treat earlier in the day at Whole Foods.  Vegan carrot cake for the win!



Is there a restaurant you associate with your childhood?

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