Things I am Loving (and not) Today!

1)  It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Providence, and I am loving the trend of temps holding in the 60′s!  Still, I am cold-blooded and cannot wait for temps to climb into the 70′s, or better yet, 80′s!  The sunshine is also amazing–  I didn’t realize how much I missed it after this snowy, rainy winter.

2)  I am also loving the fact I  finally saw a physical therapist this week for the first time to help me deal with my back/leg/nerve/hip issues.  Finally, someone told me that they could see a problem with my back, and that in 4 to 8 weeks, as long as I do what I am supposed to, I will feel infinitely better.  So far, he’s given me a bunch of stretches to do that are totally different from stretches I used to do.  Interestingly enough, I am supposed to do a lot of back bending and not forward bending in order to relieve the situation with my nerve.  I am going to follow his program to a t because quite frankly, I am sick of my injury!

3)  I am not loving that at least for the next few weeks, I was told by my physical therapist not to run or even do yoga (because of all the forward bending it involves that isn’t helping my situation).  I mean, it makes sense that I shouldn’t be running if it gives me pain, right?  I am just a stubborn person and hate the fact my running endurance is going to slip away with this break from it.  However, I have a whole life to run– as long as I treat my injury and don’t let it get worse.  So, no more running for me.  I am just going to walk, and he also suggested the upright bike to break a sweat.

4)  I am not loving my beauty subscriptions lately.  Well, let me clarify– I got my Birchbox subscription just fine, but I got an email the other week from Ipsy that they “miss me” and I should renew my subscription.  I was flabbergasted because I paid that 12 month subscription up front for the year, so there’s no way my subscription should have stopped.  After a few email exchanges, it seems everything is sorted out, but I still have a feeling my credit card will be double charged, which I will have just to wait and see if that is the case.  Super annoying.

5)  I am strangely loving Project Runway this season.  I didn’t even watch it last season, but for some reason, I am hooked again.  I think the reason why is because I have also fallen in love with New York City again after my recent trip there.  I love how much the city itself plays a role in the show, so it makes me happy to see images of the Big Apple over and over again.  I desperately want to go back soon!  I’ll never forget when I spotted Mood in NYC for the first time!

mood 3

Wow. . . I am realizing this list can go on and on, so I think I may do a part two tomorrow!

What are you loving (or not) in your life these days?

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