Things I Am Loving (and not) Today. . . Part Two!

I had so much fun writing this post yesterday, I thought a part two was certainly in order.

1)  I am loving the fact I am eating more protein these days.  While I am not sure what sort of difference it may be making in my health and energy, I am pretty confident more protein in my diet is a great thing for me.  When I was vegan, I know I was short on protein on a daily basis.  While my protein intake is definitely not off-the-charts right now, the addition of Greek yogurt and cheese (usually in the form of string cheese!) to my daily eats is most certainly giving me a boost.  Plus, I have been eating a lot of baked tofu lately, and the brand I adore (Wildwoods) has fourteen grams of protein per serving, which is fantastic!

Speaking of protein, I would love to be able to find these new Larabar protein bars around here.  I haven’t seen them on the shelves yet but I am dying to try them!

2)  Speaking of not being vegan anymore, I am completely loving pizza these days!  It’s my “out to eat” meal of choice– thin and crispy, deep dish, grillled or brick oven– I love it any which way.  Pizza had been out of my life for a long time so when I brought it back, it’s like my stomach wanted to make up for lost time.  My husband and I have a new favorite Friday routine that I completely look forward to all week long– we order pizza from Pizza Gourmet in Providence, plop on the couch while chowing down and enjoy a Crumbs cupcake of course!

3)  What I am not loving is how tired I am after work.  Let me sound whiny here for a second– being a teacher (like so many other professions) is plain exhausting.  When I wake up, I always have grand plans for what I will do with myself after work.  Those grand plans usually include a gym session, a nice walk outside, perhaps a bit of shopping, hanging out with my mom, and some cleaning.  However, fast forward  nine hours to when my workday is done and all I want to do is sleep!  I feel like I have zero energy to exercise or do any of the stuff I thought I would accomplish that day.  The only thing that really sounds good is my couch and remote control.  I have been seriously struggling with this tiredness lately, as I feel like it is getting the best of me.  I am hoping that the warmer temps bring me out of my slump, but we shall see.

4)  I am so loving the fact I finally trimmed my hair!  I have super long hair and should trim it every few months or so.  However, for some reason, it never really occurs to me to get a trim until six months or more have passed.  My ends were looking pretty awful, so I finally made my way over to Supercuts yesterday.  I always go to Supercuts because my trim literally takes two minutes to do, since all I want them to do is do a straight-across trim of two or three inches.  Anyway, I had the best experience there yesterday– the girl who trimmed my hair charged me only ten bucks (less than the usual haircut price) because she admitted she didn’t have to do much.  Then, she gave me two good-sized free samples of Biolage products.  On top of that, she filled out my “haircut card” (you know, the one where if you buy eight haircuts, you get the ninth one free) so that my next haircut is free even though I actually was  a good four haircuts away from that!  It was a wonderful customer service experience that made me so happy!

5)  Finally, I am not loving how lost I feel in the world of exercise.  Not running is one thing, but on top of that, I can’t seem to find something injury-friendly to do that gives me the same sense of achievement running does.  I know I have to just deal with that for now, but it’s still frustrating.  I do love walking and ellipticalling, but honestly, I don’t get the same endorphin rush or stress relief doing those activities as I do when I run.  Patience, patience. . .  I know. . . my time to run again will come someday soon!

My mantra. . .


I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday– what are you up to today?

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