My (Past) Week In Fitness: Could Have Done Better

Working out has been such a struggle this week!  And I mean both a mental and physical struggle.  Mentally, I just couldn’t find my groove.  I let some after-work obligations serve as excuses to not exercise throughout the week, and my inability to run right now has left me sort of confused as to what I should be doing, considering my physical therapist thinks rest is a big component of my recovery.  More often than not this week, I blew off the gym because number 1, I didn’t feel like putting much thought into crafting a workout that wouldn’t aggravate my injury, and number 2, poor sleep at night made me so tired after work that even the thought of changing into my gym clothes felt exhausting!

I completely understand a lot of what I admitted above are just “excuses;”  I guess I am just venting and showing you all that I, like most people, fall into exercise ruts every so often.  I kind of know in my brain what I should do to get back on track, but it’s certainly easier said than done.  That being said, I am not giving up– tomorrow starts a new week, and I’m going to enter it yet again with a fresh mentality and new game plan.

Wise words. . . I just need to remember this when I am about to blow off the gym!

Needless to say my workouts last week were lackluster.  Monday was a rest day, Tuesday I did 70 minutes on the cr0ss-trainer plus some physical therapy stretches,  and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all off.  Saturday I did a decent elliptical workout, covering 7 miles in about seventy minutes, plus I went on two 3 mile walks that day.  Sunday involved more walking, totalling about ten miles for the day split into two walks.

If anyone has gone through what I am now in terms of exercise, please, offer any words of advice!  I realize this is a temporary bump in the road, but man is it annoying!

What do you all thing I should do?  How should I shift my thinking?

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