New York City Weekend, Spring 2013: Day 2, Part 3

I still haven’t finished my NYC weekend recaps. . . here’s the next installment!

I knew our desserts from Momofuku Milk Bar would be hard to top, but I was certainly up for the challenge. Google and Yelp came through for us– after our dinner at Queen of Sheba (an awesome Ethiopian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen), my husband and I sought out the “best dessert in Hell’s Kitchen.” One place kept coming up– yet another hole in the wall called Holey Cream.


According to my research, the concept behind Holey Cream is to offer outrageous and fun ice cream flavors and delicious baked goods including donuts and cupcakes.  I also discovered what Holey Cream’s claim to fame is– the infamous donut sandwich.  Basically, they take a fresh yeast donut, slice it in half, stuff it with up to three flavors of ice cream, coat it with icing in your flavor choice and dip it in any variety of toppings.  Of course, that’s what I had to have!

Just a few side notes though before I discuss my donut sandwich.  First, I read numerous reviews on Yelp describing the “mean owner” who apparently chides his employees and insults them right in front of the customers.  I never expected to witness this myself, but, guess what– I did!  In fact, he scolded the girl who was helping me for some reason, telling her “to be more aware” concerning whatever she may have done wrong.  I couldn’t believe it!  Another thing about Holey Cream is that it was outrageously busy, but especially for deliveries!  People were calling in left and right ordering ice cream to be delivered.  Only in NYC can ice cream be delivered!  Lastly, I thought it was funny that a few boys we saw at Queen of Sheba ended up being ahead of us in line!  I guess they had the same thoughts as we did regarding finding the best dessert in Hell’s Kitchen!

So back to my donut sandwich.  I ordered my donut to be stuffed with birthday cake (whipped cream infused cake batter ice cream with cake chunks), oreo cookie meets peanut butter (exactly like what it is described as), and cheesecake ice cream (cheesecake flavored ice cream with caramel and cheesecake chunks).  Needless to say, they were all amazing, but my fav was the cake batter– you could taste the whipped cream in the ice cream and it made it so light and silky!  I also got my donut topped with vanilla icing and graham  crumbs.


Portion sizes were generous!  More importantly, the concoction was amazing!  I was worried that the donut wouldn’t be fresh or stay fresh once the ice cream was added but clearly, they worked that problem out.  The donut was soft and light, and it ended up being my favorite part!  I in fact had to leave some of the ice cream behind, but I made sure to eat all of the donut.  I once had an ice cream infused donut at a now closed place called Trani in Boston and it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to me because the donut ended up becoming rubbery.  However, this was so different– every component of the donut sandwich was fresh and tasty.

I’ll leave you with an action shot of me devouring my dessert!


Holey Cream is definitely a NYC must-try.

Have your ever eaten a donut with ice cream?  Thoughts?

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