Sunday Snippit: Bring Your Husband To Work Day

Good morning friends!  I told you all about how seniors in my school presented their graduation portfolios (a collection of their best student work accompanied by reflections on all of their work) this past week.  It’s kind of a big deal– all the seniors dress up and come in just for their presentation time slot looking all nervous because other than passing their classes and taking their finals, it is the last hurdle they must face before receiving their diplomas.  The students present to teacher panels, consisting of two or three teachers.  We also ask members of the community to sit on some of the panels just to get some more public involvement.

My husband was asked by my principal to be a “guest portfolio judge” both last year and this year.  So, on Thursday, he came to my work and judged two student portfolio presentations!  They both happened to be students I have in class right now, so it was kind of fun for him to interact with some of my current students.

I have to say, it’s kind of weird to  bring my husband to school, but weird in a good way!  See, I have been to his office countless times, and observed him at work at least a hundred times!  Me going to his work is no big deal.  When the tables are turned though, it’s quite unusual.  My husband rarely sees me interact with my students, so for him, seeing me in “teacher mode” is quite fascinating.  I think we all slightly adapt different personas when we’re at work compared to when we’re not, but teachers, I think, probably change the most dramatically when they are on the job.  My husband truly was fascinated with my teacher persona– he never sees me in that kind of position of authority.  He kept remarking how funny it was to him seeing me walk through the hallways, saying hello to students and maintaining a kind of maturity that I don’t always have when I am just with him.  I think it almost made him develop a new kind of respect for me, since I think it was always hard for him to imagine exactly what I do at work and how I am, other than the obvious fact that I am a teacher.  I think he got a sense of just how difficult it can be interacting with teenagers all day!

I was really glad he got to see me in a new light– I think he has a much better understanding of what it means to actually be a teacher!

Have you ever gone to someone else’s workplace, only to get a new perspective on their job and the person themself?

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