My (Past) Week In Fitness: Sticking To It

Last week, I wrote about how I planned on going for more short outdoor walks as a way to de-stress, especially when I simply feel too tired to go to the gym, which has been an excuse I have been rocking a lot lately. I want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and just be outside more. I am happy to report that I followed through on this resolution of mine almost every day this week! Spring has definitely sprung here in Providence, and I really enjoyed getting out and about in the late afternoons and embarking on casual strolls!


On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I went on 3.25 mile walks on Blackstone Boulevard, a gorgeous walking path here in Providence. On Friday, I skipped out on walking in favor of napping. Also, everyday this week except Friday, I did a series of back stretches my physical therapist told me to do that took about twenty minutes each day.

On Saturday, I did what I probably shouldn’t have done– run. I do feel like my physical therapy is working– my back, while still stiff and sore, isn’t as painful, and my sciatic nerve issues seem to be dwindling. I woke up Saturday feeling pretty good and decided to try running outdoors for just as long as my body could handle without pain. I also took it easy and went extremely slow. The weather was gorgeous and I saw dozens of runners (and a few friends!) on the running path, which really motivated me to make this run happen. I ended up going ten miles before I stopped to walk the rest of the way home. Throughout the run my back was definitely stiff, but not necessarily in pain. At about mile ten, I really started to feel like my form was going downhill, so I stopped. My endurance was there but my back started to tire, causing me to slouch. I knew ten miles was more than enough, so I called it a day, and was extremely psyched at the fact I could go that far after not having run in two weeks or more.


Note my average pace was about thirty to forty seconds slower than what I used to do before I went off of my back medication. I have no problem with having to slow it down right now– it’s a blessing I can run occasionally at all!

I ended up walking three more miles after my run, making it a total distance of 13.2 miles.


I even later went for another three mile walk with my husband later on Saturday, bringing me to 16.4 miles total!

The one thing I do want to note is my total lack of strength training as of late. I just don’t feel like it! This just may be the week I talk to my gym about personal training– I think I need someone’s help to get me back in the swing of strength training, plus, I want to talk to an expert so I don’t do anything that will aggravate my back and hips even more.

On Sunday, I had a breakfast to go to in the morning with my husband, so morning exercise didn’t happen.  We did, however, end up going for a walk later in the afternoon, covering about 4 miles. It was a great way to end my week. I am proud of myself for at least sticking to the three mile walks on weekdays when the gym seems like such a chore. This week, I hope to get in at least two strength workouts. . . we’ll see how that works out!

Are you consistent with strength training?

I am pretty good in the summer, when I can lift in the morning, but lifting for me after work is really tough since I tend to be really tired!

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