My (Past) Week In Fitness: Why Bother?

Lately, I have been wondering why I even bother to even give you all fitness updates.  I’m gonna be honest here– I feel like I barely exercise and really have nothing to report.  However, I guess the value of continuing to do this weekly post is to fill you all in on how injury recovery is going and to give you the raw and honest truth about how this injury is impacting me, both on a fitness level and on a mental health level.

So, this past week, I got to the gym twice.  On Monday, I did 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes on an elliptical that simulates running, yet is very low impact.  I also lifted weights for back and chest that day.

I also went to the gym on Saturday, where I biked for sixty minutes.  I also walked six miles on Saturday outside with my husband.

On Sunday, I skipped the gym but went on a walk with the husband covering  5.85  miles.

I went to physical therapy twice this past week, on Tuesday and Thursday, and am pretty happy with my progress.  The nerve pain in my legs and stiffness/pain in my back is definitely letting up a bit.  If I had to guess, I’d say I have another month or so before I probably can attempt running again.

As far as my mental state, I am still pretty down about how my running has come to a halt.  I feel lazy, out of shape, and just not myself.  On the one hand, I realize how important it is to treat my body right– my physical therapist insists I don’t walk too much or lift weights, in fear or aggravating my nerve issues.  His recommendation is doing the bike.  I have been listening to him for the most part, and know I should trust him.  I want nothing more than to get better and slowly get back into running, so I plan on heeding his advice.  Still, I am wildly envious of all those runners I see outside or posting their race recaps.  I am also envious of those who can do things like circuit workouts or plyometrics since I can’t do that right now!  The thought of bouncing around in my current state makes me cringe, as I can imagine how much it would hurt if I come down on my left leg with too much force.


In other words, I feel stuck.  I am glad in a sense to have about a month left of school (weekends included) to distract me from my injury, and like I said, I would love if my full recovery coincides with my final days of school.  I guess all I can do is wait and see.

How’s your fitness going?  Indulge me since mine doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

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