Sunday Snippit: Vacation Mode

I am not on vacation– this long weekend is just that– a long weekend.  However, I have found myself slipping into “vacation mode”– and I realize it’s quite the wonderful thing!


Usually, I don’t stray too far from my healthy habits on weekends, except for the fact I indulge in a few dinners out and a few decadent desserts.  Otherwise though, I tend to get in my workouts, eat well and get a lot done on weekends.  This weekend feels a bit different though.  Given the number of fun activities and events I have lined up for the weekend, I really feel like I am on vacation, which has led me into vacation mode territory.  For me, vacation mode feels like this:

1)  I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I do want to go lots of long walks, exploring the sights and sounds of the city!

2)  My usual errands get pushed aside in favor of “living in the moment” and finding something else more fun to do.

3)  My schedule is packed with friend activities that involve lots of food and fun.

4)  Healthy eating kind of sort of goes out the window.  For example, I crave muffins and scones or some other Starbuck’s treat for breakfast rather than my usual oatmeal or granola. While I didn’t actually give in to my craving, I want to note that it definitely is there.

IMG_6658 Starbucks cinnamon roll 2

5)  I feel restless staying at home (which is akin to the restless feeling when I stay inside a hotel room for too long).

6)  I eat candy.  For some reason, the only time I eat candy is when I am on vacation, but I’m not gonna lie– I had some Hershey’s kisses and mini pb cups yesterday after I already ate dessert!

7) I eat more than one meal “out.”  For example, yesterday, I ate lunch at a wedding shower and dinner at a restaurant (with a BBQ in between).

8)  I sleep in. . . and am glad I did!

9)  Any food anxiety goes out the window.  On a normal day-to-day basis, eating less than stellar does create some anxiety for me, but when I am on vacation, I could care less.  On vacation, I am more than willing to treat myself to the culinary specialties that the destination has to offer because I know it’s sort of a once in a lifetime opportunity to try certain foods.  This weekend, I kind of feel the same way.  For example, I feel no shame for my candy snack yesterday.  I have to say, this is actually a very healthy aspect of vacation mode that I wish I could carry over to “real life.”

10)  Stress is at an all time low.  Yet another reason why vacation mode rules.

All in all, I know when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be back to my more usual, semi-rigid, type A self, and that’s just fine.  But until then, I am going to enjoy this unexpected bout of vacation mode.  It truly is a great thing, both mentally and physically!

Do you ever find yourself in vacation mode when you are not on vacation?

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