Trattoria Romana. . . and the Senior Prom

On Friday, my husband and I had the pleasure of chaperoning my school’s senior prom. I have been working at the same school for ten years, and for ten years straight, I have always attended the senior prom. It’s beyond fun to see my students dressed to the nines, especially because I have had the chance to see them grow and mature over the course of four years. In fact, I taught many of the current seniors as freshman, and then had the opportunity to teach them again this year as seniors, which means I really got to see them grow up!

The prom was held at a country club in Lincoln, Rhode Island. We hardly ever go to Lincoln, so my husband and I took this as an opportunity to go to a new-to-us restaurant for dinner in Lincoln before heading over to the prom. We’ve heard great things about an Italian restaurant in the area called Trattoria Romana, so that’s where we decided to go first, pre-prom!

We definitely weren’t the only teachers who had the same idea. In fact, as we headed into the restaurant, we ran into quite a few of my colleagues!

As it appears in the below photo, Trattoria Romana is actually located in a plaza with other stores, and even has a sister pizza restaurant, Pizzeria Romana, located a few doors down.  Based on our experiences at Trattoria Romana, we already have scheduled a future visit its pizza-serving counterpart.


We had reservations, and were seated promptly.  The restaurant was super busy on this particular Friday night, so I was impressed that we didn’t have to wait at all.  As soon as we were seated, I began perusing the menu, which was given to me by our awesome waitress (whose name I can’t remember now, but believe me when I say she was noteworthy!).


Warm crusty Italian bread kept my husband and I company as we looked over the menu.


Not only was the bread delicious, but so was the garlicky olive oil and balsamic vinegar emulsion we were presented with to dip our bread in!  I appreciated how the restaurant went above and beyond just serving simple olive oil with the bread– I could have made a whole meal of the herby olive oil and vinegar in combination with the fresh bread.


I was considering ordering a full vegan and gluten-free meal, but since I promised my husband I wouldn’t fully give the two up when dining out until I found out once and for sure if I am in fact sensitive to them, I decided to not restrict myself so much.  I do want to note thought that Trattoria Romana makes all of their food made to order, and offers gluten-free pasta at a small additional cost.  They also have some inherently vegan sides, like grilled asparagus, garlicky spinach and sautéed broccolini.  Had I gone the vegan, gluten-free route, I would have ordered their gluten-free rice and corn-based pasta with marinara sauce with a side of broccolini.  However, I decided to instead order something my husband and I could share and enjoy, so I went with their margherita pizza.



The pizza, quite simply, was outstanding.  In fact, it definitely ranks right up there in my top ten margherita pizzas of all time!  The crunchy crust was so well seasoned, and the combo of shredded and fresh mozzarella cheese really hit the spot.  All in all, it was fresh and absolutely delicious.

A girl can’t live in pizza alone (well, maybe she can!), so I decided to order their panzanella salad as well.  I was impressed with how gorgeous it was, full of herbed croutons, fresh tomatoes, olives, fresh mozzarella, basil, red onion and a zippy red wine vinaigrette.  The salad was bursting with flavor at each bite, which was surprising, because I tend to find tomato mozzarella salads to be pretty bland.  The salad scored a perfect ten in my book.


Since we were running early, my husband encouraged me to have dessert.  I wasn’t looking for anything heavy, since we had a prom to chaperone afterwards, so I decided on their tiramisu.  It was light, fluffy, and actually quite divine.  I practically licked the dessert plate clean!


I definitely need a cup of joe at that point too, to ensure I wouldn’t fall asleep at the prom!  I love how they served us a whole carafe of coffee rather than just one measly cup.


I know I never review my husband’s food because he’s not vegetarian, but he was blown away with his calamari and lobster ravioli.  In fact, he has declared Trattoria Romana his new favorite Italian restaurant in Rhode Island.  I have to agree with his statement though, as I would go back to this restaurant in a heartbeat.  The best part is, though it’s kind of off the beaten path for us, it is just a quick ten minute drive from Providence.  The service was wonderful, the food was excellent, and all in all, my husband and I were really satisfied with all aspects of our dining experience.

I do have to mention though, that one of my coworkers also there that night experienced some disappointing customer service.  They basically told her their credit card machine wasn’t working, and had to take her credit card number.  Oddly though, when we paid, there was no issue.  They ended up asking her all sorts of questions in order to use her card, which she felt uncomfortable with.  They then called her later when she had been gone for at least an hour, and asked her for even more information.  By that point, she expressed to them how disconcerted she was about having to reveal so much personal information just to charge an appetizer and glass of wine.  They person on the other end of the phone basically gave her an attitude, and ending up hanging up on my friend!  She ended up worrying all night that they would charge more than they should have on her card (though it did turn out they didn’t charge anything).  The whole thing was annoying to her, so I thought that was worth sharing here.

Anyway, my personal experience was great, and I can’t wait to go back there again.  I’m already thinking about having the chance to eat that salad again!

Have you ever had a weird customer service issue at a restaurant?  What happened, and how did you handle it?

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