What I Ate Wednesday: Saturday Edition

I definitely eat a bit differently on weekends than I do on weekdays, so I thought it would be telling to show you all a typical Saturday’s worth of food. On a normal weekday, I tend to eat my staple healthy foods that don’t require much planning or thought, but come the weekend, I not only eat more involved meals at home, but also more food out of the house. My husband and I tend to eat out on Friday and Saturday nights, plus dessert (other than just dark chocolate) is imperative for me on those nights as well.

Jenn came up with the wonderful theme of Sensible Snacking for June– unfortunately I didn’t do much snacking on Saturday but instead ate full meals. Maybe next week I’ll show you a typical snack or two?  Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast involved a new bag of love– Love Grown Cranberry Pecan granola that is! I wanted a lighter meal since I knew I was going to attempt to run shortly after breakfast, so I paired some granola with a banana, coconut milk kefir, cashew butter, a few unsweetened coconut flakes and cinnamon. It served as great running fuel– my stomach stayed calm and happy during my run!


Lunch consisted of a salad with romaine, grated carrots, half of an avocado, strawberries, blueberries and balsamic vinegar.  I realize that I am not a fan of just putting vinegar in my salads– I need more seasonings than that!


On the side, I had some Mary’s gluten-free herb crackers and raw Dr. Cow cheese.  I miss those crackers– it’s been too long since I had them.


My husband and I hit up one of our favorite Indian restaurants for dinner– Kabob and Curry.  Not only is it walking distance from our house, but it’s located in an ideal spot for people watching.



We shared some pappadum (crispy lentil wafers) with assorted chutneys.


We also split some vegetable pakoras (fritters). . .


and idli and sambaar.  Idli is a rice and lentil patty, and sambaar is the lentil stew it’s submerged in.  I love this stuff!  It also comes with a coconut chutney that is so tasty.


For my main dish, I had their Goan vegetable curry, which was spicy and full of veggies.  I of course served it on top of brown rice to sop up the curry goodness.


My husband snapped this shot of me at the restaurant, looking like a goof.  I was just happy (and a little tired!).


But, I wasn’t too tired for dessert at home!

I started with heating up this cinnamon burst vegan cookie in the microwave.


And topped it off with my favorite soy-based dairy free ice cream.


I added dark chocolate chips to the mix to make my ideal vegan and gluten-free dessert.


I actually ate vegan and gluten-free all day on Saturday, and most of the week before that (except Friday!).   I really love how easy it is to be vegan and gluten-free at most Indian restaurants!

Are you a fan of dairy-free ice creams?  What’s your favorite kind?

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