Acupuncture Update

I officially started acupuncture treatments on March 12th, so it has been three months and I think it’s time to give you all an update!

First, let me start with saying my acupunturist is wonderful.  If you live in Rhode Island and are looking for an acupuncturist, I cannot recommend Mary Claire Dilks of Emerging Energy Acupuncture more.  She has an adorable, very zen office in Providence and does an amazing job of listening and trying to understand all of my health complaints.  She is warm and comforting and extremely knowledgeable and professional.  I feel liken she truly cares about my health and sincerely wants me to feel better.  I also appreciate how she has an excellent memory– I had seen her a few years ago for a short time, and when I came back to her a few months ago, she remembered all of my little life details we had discussed before!

For those of you who aren’t sure how a typical acupuncture appointment works, basically, you first spend a few minutes discussing your health concerns.  For me, I tell her how I am feeling in terms of my back and hip pain and my stomach/digestion issues, which is what I am seeking treatment for.  She spends at least five or ten minutes asking my general and specific health questions so she can target the areas in which I need treatment.  For my first six or so visits (I go once a week), she focused on points on the front side of my body that correspond with the areas of inflammation I am treating.  I lie down on a cot, and she taps the needles in the appropriate points.  It doesn’t hurt– occasionally you feel a twinge as the needle is tapped in but that’s about it.  Then, once all the needles are in, you basically lie there for forty minutes or so.  I tend to fall asleep, which is encouraged, and when the time is up, the needles are quickly taken out.  And. . . that’s about it!  Acupuncture naps are so relaxing, and I always feel good afterwards.

The past two weeks, since my back and nerve pain has really been acting up, she did localized treatments on my back, in which I lay face down, and she inserts needles in the areas that feel most inflamed.  What is amazing is just by feeling my back, she can tell which parts of  my back are inflamed.  She told me they feel “gummy,” as compared to other areas, and what’s so great is she always is right in pinpointing the spots that hurt.

All in all, acupuncture is definitely helping me.  My back is slowly feeling better and my digestion hasn’t been too much of an issue lately.  The relaxation that occurs during my treatments is an added bonus, which I am sure is doing me nothing but good.  The fact that I am off all medications and feeling relatively OK, I believe, is a testament to the power of acupuncture.  I imagine without it, that my back pain would be unbearable, as it was before I started medication a few years ago.

If you are considering acupuncture, I would tell you to go for it.  Go to someone with a good reputation of course and someone you are comfortable with.  I do believe it helps, and would recommend it to anyone!

Have you tried acupuncture?  What’s you experience with it if so?

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