Vacation Recovery

I had a really great time in Cincinnati, but it’s official– my husband and I never, if we can help it, will ever go away on a two-day weekend if it requires flying.  It’s simply too exhausting and totally messes up the next week!


We didn’t get into our hotel in Cincinnati until midnight on Friday.  Both of us were extremely beat since we both worked that day– I had been up since 4:30 in the morning so I definitely was toast.  On Saturday, we were really tired and ended up skipping some pre-wedding events just to take a nap.  Sunday was a full travel day to get back home.  When we got back into the house Sunday night, there were so many things to do (laundry, prepping lunches for the next day, taking out the trash etc. . . ) that we didn’t have a very relaxing night at all.  Of course, Monday came way too fast and I was yawning all day at work.  Bottom line– traveling so far on a weekend is just too tiring and stressful!

I especially felt off all week because I was set back a few days in terms of the errands I usually complete on the weekend.  I had to spend Monday after school grocery shopping and cooking for the week, which I way prefer to do on Saturdays and Sundays.  The house didn’t get its weekly cleaning (and I have still yet to attempt it!) because, again, I prefer to do that on weekend mornings.  I just felt so behind all week, which totally stressed me out!

Not only that, but I suffered a “flare” over the weekend and in the early part of the week.  My sciatic pain in my left lower back and leg came back with a vengeance (for no apparent reason since I didn’t strain it in any way), and I could barely walk for a few days.  In fact, I had a noticeable limp at work that did not go unnoticed.  I haven’t exercised all week due to the flare, which is finally going away after two physical therapy sessions and acupuncture yesterday, so that too contributed to my stress and overall sort of yucky week.

I am hopeful that this weekend will be more relaxing and afford me the time to get ready for the upcoming week.  In fact, I have to prep for a 10 day elimination diet I am starting on Sunday (details coming soon) that may help with the inflammation I am dealing with lately, according to a registered dietitian I have seen lately.  I actually am looking forward to it, if only because I hope it may bring me some relief!

Do you bounce back from vacations quickly or do you too need recovery time?

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