Four More Wakeups

Good morning and hello to the weekend!  Last week wasn’t my best– I definitely suffered a setback in terms of my leg/hip issues when my sciatic nerve flared up a bit.  Fortunately, this morning, I am feeling much better– better enough to finally exercise for the first time this week.  I have to say, I am sadly a bit tentative when it comes to working out these days– I don’t want to do anything to cause another flare, but at the same time, I need to relieve some stress through a good workout!  I think an hour or so on an elliptical will be OK for me today, so that’s what I plan on doing.  I really hate these sudden breaks I have to take in my exercise plan, but I am just going to think positive and hope that going forward, I will feel good enough to do something on most days.

Definitely advice I need to follow!


On a more positive note– I have four more days of school left for the summer!  I only have to wake up ridiculously early four more times!  Thursday is my last day, and starting Friday, I plan on returning to consistent, morning workouts, assuming my body cooperates.  As I mentioned yesterday, I plan on starting an elimination diet tomorrow, and I am hopeful avoiding certain foods I am sensitive to will help with my inflammation issues, which in turn may mean I will be able to exercise more.  Running kind of scares the heck out of me right now because I don’t want to bring pain upon myself, but at the same time, if I get an OK from my physical therapist to slowly ease into it, I definitely will.  As far as the diet is concerned, I definitely will get into the details of it soon– just know it is being monitored by a registered dietitian who specializes in healing inflammation.  It’s not as limiting as you would think either– it is just going to take a lot more prep than I am used to doing.

Well, I guess I am off to start my day– I just had a yummy breakfast of oat bran, banana, and cashew butter with sea salt and cinnamon, and after it settles a bit, I am off to the gym with an episode of Pretty Little Liars to watch!

Have a great day!

Are you exercising today?  If so, what are you doing?

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