Signs of Summer

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One of the quintessential signs of summer in my neighborhood is the long lines that start to develop out the doors of local ice cream shops. I have already had the pleasure of indulging in two ice cream treats from two of Providence’s best ice cream joints– the Eastside Creamery and the new Dolce Gelateria, which  just opened up this spring.

Eastside Creamery is literally down the street from my house, yet, I rarely go there for some reason.  They have a great selection of ice creams which I believe are Hershey’s brand, as well as vanilla soft serve.  Eastside Creamery also serves many of Rhode Island’s signature foods, like Allie’s donuts, calzones and wieners.

I was really impressed by their flavor choices and got three flavors that are truly hard to find in your typical ice cream shop.  I tried the Monster Mash, which is vanilla ice cream all junked up with Oreos, MnM’s, and malt balls.  It was amazing of course!  I also tried their salted caramel, and my personal favorite, a graham cracker flavor.  Scoop sizes are moderate, so getting three scoops is totally acceptable.  Eastside Creamery is really a mom and pop type of shop, with lots of regulars coming in.  I hope to become a regular there this summer as well.


Dolce Gelateria is a new addition to Providence’s Wickenden Street, a fun and funky street full of oddball shops and restaurants.  There legitimately was a line out the door when I visited last Saturday night.


I loved the vibe of this place!  It was bright, airy and clean.  I patiently waited in line and contemplated my selections in the meantime.  After tasting some cake batter, I went with a waffle bowl with maple walnut, coffee Oreo, and pistachio with whipped cream.  May I add they were making fresh waffle bowls while I was in line?


I snapped a few pics of Dolce’s menu:



The ice cream was amazing– smooth and creamy.  I also loved how the flavors I ordered were chock full of Oreos and nuts!  The service was also spectacular– who I presume was the owner was chatting people up in line and having a great time with customers!

I’m not gonna lie– I am really lucky to have these two spots walking distance from my home!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  Do you like waffle cones?

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