Elimination Diet Recipe: Lentil Veggie Soup

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During phase one of my elimination diet, I only ate a limited variety of foods. When I saw lentils as one of my “approved foods,” I knew I would be eating lentil soup everyday for lunch! The challenge was crafting a tasty recipe that included only the foods I could eat in phase one. Here are the foods I decided to include in my recipe:  olive oil,  onion, leeks, carrots, lentils of course, sea salt, tomatoes, cumin, oregano, dill, lemon juice, and spinach. Fortunately, the end result was a huge success! Here’s how I made it:

First, I sautéed some onions and one chopped leek in a bit of olive oil, and once they were translucent, I added three chopped carrots into the pot as well.





While I let those cook down, I cracked open this can of diced tomatoes– the ingredients were organic tomatoes only!


I also measured out a cup of organic green lentils.


I got out my flavor agents:  cumin, lemon juice, oregano. . .


and some fresh dill.


I basically put everything into the pot at once:  I dumped in the can of tomatoes, about six cups of water, 2 teaspoons of cumin, a few dashes of oregano, about a tablespoon of lemon juice, about a quarter cup of fresh dill, and some sea salt.


After it simmered for about thirty minutes (until the lentils were cooked), I added in a bag of organic spinach to wilt.


The end result smelled and looked delicious.


Here’s how it looked once it cooled down a bit.


This was my first attempt at lentil soup, and it was an official success, especially since I couldn’t use ingredients like garlic, bay leaf, and celery, which are found in traditional lentil soup recipes.  I am proud of myself for having crafted a tasty recipe that fit into my elimination diet perfectly!

Do you have a favorite lentil soup recipe?  What’s in it?

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