Getting in the Greens

When I did the blood test that determined which foods I may react negatively to, lettuce was one of them. Sounds crazy right? As a vegetarian, lettuce and other greens are obviously a staple in my diet, so of course it was hard to imagine giving up greens like lettuce to see if I actually felt better from not eating them.

Interestingly enough, spinach and kale didn’t qualify as “lettuce” according to the test, and I actually showed no reaction against spinach. Kale was not a food that was tested, so I had no data as to whether or not it caused a reaction.

In order to actually see if I don’t do well with lettuce (think romaine and iceberg), I actually have avoided them for the most part over the last few weeks, which is why you haven’t seen too many salads lately. When I do eat a green like arugula, I only have a handful. While I can’t say it’s the lettuce (or lack of it) for sure, I do feel better when I am not eating ginormous salads. That just may be because I am not assaulting my system with a lot of fiber at once too, but in any case, not eating huge salads for lunch has actually been agreeing with me.

Still, I feel guilty that I am not eating as many greens as I used to. So, I have been turning to another form of “greens” in order to get my quota in for the day– enter kale chips! Since they are dehydrated and stripped of much of their water content, kale chips enable me to eat a lot of greens without feeling the “food baby” hat tfresh salads often give me. I tried a new kind of kale chip that I thought I would review here on the blog, since they are not your usual kale chip!

I bought a few boxes of these Brad’s Pina¬†Kale Ada chips a few months ago and have sort of been hoarding them. I finally had my last box yesterday for my “lunch dessert.” The reason why these kale chips served as dessert (and the reason why they are so unique) is because they in fact are sweet!


Here’s a snapshot of the ingredient list. Along with kale, the chips are baked with banana, pineapple and coconut, which gives the kale a refreshing, tropical flavor. Despite they are very low sugar, they still are pretty sweet!


I love how the pineapple/banana/coconut combo coats each chip perfectly! I never thought I would enjoy sweet kale chips, but I actually loved them.


If you ever see these kale chips around and are looking for an unusual type of dessert, I would definitely try them. I haven’t been able to locate them again though, so I bet this flavor isn’t as widely distributed as other Brad’s flavors.

Have you ever tried kale chips? What do you think about them?

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