Moving Day

Hi friends!  Sorry I was missing in action yesterday– my husband and I have been running around like crazy in preparation for a very major event– we are moving today!  After a year plus long search, we finally found the perfect home for us, and we are so fortunate to have had the whole thing work out in our favor.  We currently live in a condo that we love; however, we simply outgrew it, and now we are moving into a real house!  We literally are moving around the corner from where we currently live, because staying in the neighborhood was a requirement in our house search.  Another thing we are excited about is having our own backyard, which is rare in this area since we do live in the city.  It’s not big, and there’s no grass, but it is an adorable city garden area big enough to sit outside and enjoy the rest of the summer.  Anyway, I am not sure what our internet situation well be in the next few days in our new home, so if you don’t hear from me, that’s why.  I guess we need to get this moving show on the road now, so I will leave you with a few pics of how our old place is looking right now– there are boxes everywhere!

The kitchen:


The dining room:


The living room:


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