Weekend, Part 1

Sorry for the weekend disappearing act friends!  I simply have not gotten into a good blog routine ever since my move– it seems like there is always something to work on or do from the second I wake up, so blogging fell by the wayside.  This past weekend was super busy– in fact, it was probably the first weekend in history where I saw all of my immediate family and most of my husband’s immediate family literally all in one day!  Before I get into that, let’s back it up to Friday.

Remember how my husband and I were going to have a pizza party at home on Friday?  Well, we ended up taking that pizza party to the restaurant, and had a few of our friends join us as well.  I failed to snap any pics because my phone was dead, but we went to Uncle Tony’s, a family restaurant that I have been going to since I was a kid.  I indulged my cravings for cheese pizza, fries, and mozzarella sticks, and even had a Crumbs cupcake for dessert (I haven’t had one all summer so far!).  It was a really fun night, and I am glad we roped in some of our friends in joining us so we could satisfy our pizza cravings.

On Saturday, my husband and I ran a bunch of house-related errands, and ended up visiting both his and my mom at their respective jobs.  Then, my husband’s dad and his girlfriend ended up coming over for a house tour, and we joined them for an early dinner.  Since we had later dinner plans with my family, my husband and I just nibbled on this delicious appetizer of Mediterranean treats.  The trio of dips were amazing– we dipped grilled pita bread into hummus, a roasted eggplant and red pepper dip, and some caponata.  It was just enough to tide us over until dinner.


Later that evening, my husband and his wife rolled into town (they stayed over for a few nights) and we all joined my sister, her husband and my two nephews for dinner near our new home.  My sister’s family also got the house tour, and then we all walked to Paragon, a nearby restaurant with a huge menu that I hadn’t been to in forever.


Paragon turns into a club later in the evening, so it definitely had a young, stylish crowd dining there.  We had our own private table in the back of the restaurant and had a delicious dinner!

I was torn on what to order, but I ended up getting a baked pasta dish with red sauce and cheese that was pretty tasty.


I also had a side of mixed sweet potato and regular fries.  Paragon fries are notoriously addictive!


We didn’t end up getting home until late (my nephews demanded a quick stop into Froyo World, although I had zero room for it!), and after a bit more hanging out, I crashed hard.  The next day was just as fun-filled as Saturday, so I will leave that for tomorrow’s post!

As for this morning, I am heading off soon to get some bagels with my bro and sis-in-law before they head off on the next leg of their road trip.  I am going to miss them, but I am so happy they managed to make it to RI for a few days!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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