My Past Week In Only Three Pictures

Yet again, I lost my blogging momentum!  First, I realized that a WordPress glitch prevented half of my last post from publishing, and it was lost somewhere in WordPress land.  So apologies if my last post seemed incomplete (it was!).  By the time I realized it, I didn’t feel like re-writing it!

Anyway, I didn’t blog during the work week mostly because I was tired, and also because my eat and fitness were pretty boring.  In fact, I haven’t exercised formally in weeks because of a few factors, but mostly because my leg pain is pretty bad.  In fact, I had a very visible limp this past week at work, to the point that I had to explain it to curious students!  My eats have been pretty uninspired as well– lots of bread and cheese, and lots of my mom’s cooking!  Not that my mom’s food is uninspiring– in fact it is quite the opposite and extremely delicious– but I have been eating more or less the same thing for dinner every night.  My typical meal includes rice, some sort of Indian dal (bean soup), some spiced veggies, and roti (whole wheat bread).  She cooks large batches of those foods, and I eat them all week long!

Anyway, I only took three photos this week.  The first one is from my trip to Natick Mall on Monday in Massachusetts.  I witnessed my first ever moving sushi line in a restaurant!  We didn’t go there to eat, but I was fascinated by how long the line was, and how it wrapped around the whole restaurant.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s basically an assembly line that passes by customers, who grab whatever sushi off of the line that appeals to them.


The other two pics I have are of bakery treats my awesome mother-in-law gave us.  She came over, and after having read my blog post in which I said I was craving a piece of strawberry shortcake from a specific bakery, she brought me some!  Not only did she bring me the unpictured strawberry shortcake, but she brought a fresh chocolate cream pie and freshly baked blueberry muffins!

I had half of a muffin (they were huge) for a few days for breakfast.  They were incredible– moist but light and full of flavor.


I also had a few pieces of this wonderful chocolate cream pie for dessert this past week.  The whipped cream was fresh, and the pudding was perfect!


Well, I promise to be back tomorrow, and at least three more times this week!  Today, I don’t have much on the agenda except dinner with friends and a neighbor’s housewarming party.

Happy weekend!

What is your favorite type of muffin?  I love corn muffins and blueberry muffins.

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