Weekend Dinners

Long time, no blog!  I sincerely apologize for my absence once again– to be honest, there’s been something going on behind the scenes that has kept me distracted for a while, therefore taking my focus away from the blog.  It’s nothing bad at all, and I promise to give you an update on said mystery distraction soon!

I have also been pretty bad about taking pics lately,  According to my phone camera though, I have been pretty good about documenting weekend dinners, since they have been the best dinners of the past past few weeks.  At least I have some recent bites to show you!

Last weekend, my husband and I met some friends at a restaurant name Scampi.  It’s primarily a seafood restaurant in Portsmouth right on the water.  Despite its seafood rep, Scampi is awesome for vegetarians.  It’s easy to order right off of the menu, but our super attentive waitress also told us they would be able to make me anything I wanted, even something vegan!  Apparently their pianist is vegan, and the waitress was vegetarian, so the restaurant is very accommodating.


Anyway, I have really been all about pasta lately, so I knew I was ordering some sort of noodle dish.  There were a few options, and I munched on some bread and garlicky oil as I decided.


For dinner, I ordered a simple fusilli with marinara sauce. It came with a garden salad, which I enjoyed with some creamy parmesan dressing.


The pasta was really flavorful for being such a simple dish. Isn’t fusilli such a fun shape?


Last night, we joined some of our best friends for a casual night of feasting and catching up! Our friends M and E were gracious enough to host and order from my favorite pizza spot– the Pizza Gourmet! Our other friends K and J brought a delicious salad full of fruit, nuts and cheese with balsamic vinaigrette. It was one of my favorite meals in a long time!


I brought a tuxedo cake for dessert (half chocolate and half vanilla). It definitely was the perfect ending to the meal.


Casual nights with our closest friends are my favorites, so the past few weekends have been ideal in that regard. We have another dinner planned for tonight with our former neighbors at a local Asian restaurant, so it promises to be yet another great one.

I promise to be back soon– probably even tomorrow!!

What is your favorite pasta shape?

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