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Hello friends!  Thank you so much again for all of your warm wishes in regards to our baby news!  Needless to say, we are so beyond excited!

I’ve created a new Baby B page, where it will be easier to keep track of all my pregnancy-related posts.  I plan on publishing my first “back post” regarding my journey to baby within the next few days– I will warn you right now, it’ll be very personal and maybe a bit “tmi,” so feel free if you wanna skip it!

Until then, I thought I would write a little about the thoughts that have been occupying my brain the last few days at this point in pregnancy (almost 17 weeks!).

1)  When will pregnancy hunger strike?  I spend most of my free time reading pregnancy books, a few pregnancy forums, and perusing a couple of websites (my favorite is Babycenter.com).  I read about women who have no appetite due to morning sickness, and I also read about women who are constantly ravenous.  I no longer experience any sickness, but I also have no spike in my appetite.  In fact, I can fit less food in my stomach now than I could before.  More than ever, I hate feeling full, and small amounts of food fill me up.  My baby is still pretty small and not taking up much room right now, so I wonder why I actually have a decreased appetite.  I would love to feel ravenous because it would make me feel like my babe was growing!!  I know he or she is, but I wish my hunger would increase as the baby’s size does!  I am assuming it just hasn’t hit me yet, and it will come in time.

Here’s a recent meal I ate at dinner that made me too full!

Quinoa salad. . .


and a baked sweet potato.


2)  I am amazed at how much the size of my stomach area changes within just a day!  I usually feel pretty “normal,” with little to no bumpage in the morning and early afternoon.  After lunch though, I feel my stomach just gets bigger and bigger until after dinner, when I feel huge!  I know I am not actually large at all (especially considering how big I will get and how much longer I have to go), but my waist expands by a few inches no problem at night!

3)  I can’t believe my students can’t tell I am pregnant yet!  First of all, most of the teachers know at my work, so I am shocked none of them spilled the beans.  I have not gotten a single indication from a single one of my students that they have any idea I am pregnant.  Even the fact I limp around all the time hasn’t raised eyebrows.  I think I am going to let them know once we find out the sex on October 11th, so if I can manage to hide the belly for about two more weeks, I will be happy.  I can’t wait for them to know!

4)  When I go out in public, strangers don’t know I am pregnant of course, but I also cannot wait to experience how strangers treat pregnant women (once it becomes obvious).  It’s like I’ll be a walking experiment– I am just so curious to see how the way people treat you changes once you are visibly pregnant!

5)  I had to lie on my stomach the other day for some physical therapy treatment on my joints, and I felt for the first time like I could feel something like a water balloon in my stomach area!  I definitely felt like I was pushing down on something full and round!

6)  I cannot wait for the flutters to start.  I have felt nothing so far, but I hear, especially for petite people, that movements may be felt this early.  I spend a lot of time concentrating on my stomach when I lie down to see if I feel anything.

Well, as you all can tell, my mind is racing with all things baby all of the time!  I guess it is totally normal to be this way, but I seriously can’t get enough!


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