Getting Things Done

Good morning and happy weekend!

First, I published my first post on my road to baby over on the Baby B page. . . if you are interested in reading about my journey to pregnancy, click here!  If not, stay here for a little Friday recap!

My husband and I had a big day yesterday in the productivity department.  I actually took a personal day from work yesterday because we had a very important event to attend in the morning– the closing of our old condo!  We were very fortunate to be able to sell our old condo immediately, even before we had a chance to put it on the market.  Not having to carry two mortgages for any period of time is a big relief, so we were happy it all worked out!  We visited our old home (and first home together that we lived in for eight years) one last time before we headed off to make the sale official.   As soon as the paperwork was done, we headed home to blow some of the dinero we had just made on the sale of our house!

We decided we would celebrate the sale of our condo with purchasing some of our first few big baby items that we didn’t want anyone else to get for us because they are pricier items.  My husband and I already knew what crib and glider we wanted– two purchases that do not depend at all on the baby’s gender.  We finally bit the bullet and ordered both yesterday, in addition to the crib mattress and mattress pad.  Good thing we ordered our crib early, because it is on backorder for a few months.  By the way, I am amazed at how many baby items on different websites are on backorder for months!  Good thing we planned for some of this stuff early!  For more details on which crib and glider we ordered, check out my 16 week update that will be up tomorrow or Monday.

We also went hunting for a tall lamp for our living room.  We went to a fancy lighting store that had great, but pricey, options.  We ended up getting some ideas from the store and going to Amazon to order one we liked but much cheaper.  We also ordered a coat stand!  I love how we’re getting our new house together in general and for baby!

After all that, plus a long nap, we headed out for a casual celebratory dinner at one of our favorite pizza spots, The Big Cheese.


The Big Cheese is truly a Rhode Island gem– practically everything from the sauce to salad dressing to bread is homemade and so fresh.  I started with a huge Greek salad with their incredible house dressing.


I then had two pieces of cheese pizza an wheat crust.


I also had an unpictured piece of homemade bread with some of the dressing and cheese from my salad!

After a long time where dessert didn’t sound good to me, I finally got my taste for sweets back!  I saw on Facebook that my favorite vegan bakery, Wildflour, has a bunch of pumpkin desserts back for the season, so on the way home, we stopped by to get a slice of pumpkin torte.  It’s basically pumpkin cake with layers of a light pumpkin frosting.  It was epic and amazing and I swear you would never know it was vegan!


I then happily fell asleep on the couch watching an episode of Breaking Bad.  It was really one of the best Fridays I have had in a long time!

Have you all gotten on the pumpkin train yet?  If so, with what?

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