Deliciousness and Disappointments

Yesterday was an awesome day, but I am not going to lie– there were a few disappointments too!

Let’s start with some fun stuff– my leg held up enough for me to go on a thirty minute walk with my husband and it was so fun! We walked through the Brown University campus, which was packed– I think it was parents’ weekend or something like that. It made for some great people watching, but the best part was when a former student of mine drove by me and pulled over to say hi! I love running into former students to see what they are up to!

Now as far as my first disappointment, my leg took a turn for the worse right after the walk. I pretty much had to hang inside for the rest of the afternoon resting up. My joint pain is getting to a point where something must be done– I can’t wait for my October 9th pain management specialist appointment to find some sort of solution!

Later that evening, my husband and I stopped at a friend’s cookout, where we announced our pregnancy to a few more friends! We got some great advice on all things baby, but the best was being reminded that acupuncture may help my pain. My friend had pregnancy-related SI joint issues, and acupuncture helped a lot, so I definitely am making an appointment this week!

My husband and I then went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner– Trattoria Romana.  The restaurant was packed, but luckily we had a reservation.

The restaurant is very warm and comforting, but we were seated in an area that, though technically indoors, was basically a tent.  It was freezing!  We were definitely disappointed by the terrible table we had, but the only alternative was to wait at least an hour for a table indoors.  We decided to suck it up and just asked them to turn up the heat!


Our meal, however, was delicious.  Warm, crusty Italian bread and oil with vinegar took the edge off of our hunger.


We ordered a bunch of dishes to share, and every dish satisfied!  We split asparagus. . .


margherita pizza and sautéed garlicky broccoli rabe. . .


and a stunning panzanella salad!


I actually had room for dessert!  As you know, I am on a serious “pumpkin in my dessert” kick, so when our waiter told us about the pumpkin cheesecake dessert special, I stopped him in his tracks and told us that’s what we wanted.

Unfortunately, he came back moments later to inform us it was sold out.  Whomp, whomp.

I “settled” on a light, melt-in-your-mouth molten chocolate cake with vanilla gelato instead.


OK, so maybe my dinner experience wasn’t that disappointing after all!

My last little disappointment is the fact that today is the Providence Rock N’ Roll half marathon, which I have run the last two years.  Pregnancy aside, the fact that I haven’t been able to run in months, and now even walking is painful, really hit me and quite frankly, upset me.  I know I am putting up with this leg pain for an incredibly amazing reason, but I can’t help but miss what I used to be able to do!

Well, at least I can go spectate the race, since it nearly goes past my house!

What was your most delicious moment of yesterday?  How about you biggest disappointment as of late?

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