The Big Reveal

I had my first ultrasound on July 31st, and got my first glimpse of my little nugget.


It was truly the coolest and most amazing experience ever!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to seeing my little babe for the first time–was I going to cry, gasp, or what?  In the end, my reaction was pure joy.  I basically just beamed from ear to ear as my ultrasound tech pointed out all of the babe’s features to me.  I could not believe that beautiful being was inside of me!  My ultrasound tech told me my babe was “perfect,” and it was so beyond reassuring to hear those words.  I left the office with my own little roll of baby’s first pics, and immediately started to hatch some schemes regarding how I could break the news to my family that weekend!

On Saturday, August 3rd, my husband and I went to visit my mom at her work.  I knew I couldn’t really get creative in announcing our pregnancy to her because she was at work, so I simply handed her the ultrasound pics.  Her reaction was hilarious– she slowly unrolled the roll of pics, looked at them, looked at my stomach, and then declared the pics weren’t mine!  I immediately cracked up and told her my name was on them.  She then slowly came to realize what I was telling her, and once it sunk in, she pretty much jumped for joy.  She has been talking about me having a kid forever, so needless to say she was exuberant!  I asked why she didn’t believe me at first, and she told me that I didn’t look pregnant, and she didn’t think they could get ultrasound pics this early in pregnancy.  I guess in her time (and in India), you didn’t get ultrasound pics until you were pretty far along, so when she saw no bump on me she was suspicious!  I thought it was the cutest and funniest thing!

We then went to my mother-in-law’s work to tell her.  We actually bought a baby book about baby animals and wrapped it up to give to her.  See, she is an animal lover, and has always declared that one I had a child, she would get it a pony!  She has many animals already, so believe me when I say she is not exaggerating!  Anyway, there was a pony on the first page of the book, so when we handed it to her to unwrap, we told her it was time to start thinking about buying what was on the first page.  As she was opening the book, we could tell it was already dawning on her, and once again, we were greeted by the happiest of sentiments!  Our babe would be her first grandchild, so she too was beyond overjoyed!

We told the rest of our family that night, all in the same way.  It just so happened my father-in-law and his girlfriend, my sister and her family, and my brother and his wife all were coming to visit us that day to check out our new house, which we had just moved into.  I decided to make a little sign to hang up in the empty baby’s room explaining how it was the future home of our baby.  I also decorated the mantle with pink and blue decorations.  Basically, every time a member of our family took the house tour, we showed them the baby’s room last.  We didn’t say anything though, and let the read the sign on their own and figure out the news!  It was so fantastic to get each individual reaction, and also see how long it took for them to figure out what we were telling them!


Our announcements to our family worked like a charm– we were very fortunate to see everyone in person that day!  We decided to keep it a secret from all other friends until the first tri was more or less over, so we had to wait a few more weeks!

Stay tuned for my week 11 update– I am going to post all backwritten weekly updates until I am up to speed (I am currently a few days short of 18 weeks now), and then will be posting real-time updates weekly.

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