Baby B: Week 11 Recap

This post was written at the end of week 11– I am currently at the end of week 17 of pregnancy, so read this keeping in mind it was a while ago!  I will post all of my past weekly updates until I am current!

I decided I would do weekly updates from week 11 on, since all the weeks before that were pretty much characterized by the overall feelings of nausea, fatigue and lack of energy.  Also, the first ten weeks of pregnancy were very busy with moving out and moving into a new house!  Also, I hadn’t noticed any physical changes in my body until week 11, which is when I started to take belly pics.  So week 11 it is where I begin my weekly updates!


By the way, I have decided to call my babe Baby B here on the blog!  My baby’s last name will begin with a B (my husband’s last name), and because I never changed my name once I got married and don’t have plans to do so, the babe will take my last name as its middle name.  The “B” in Baby B stands for a nickname my husband has based on his last name.

I have been reading pregnancy updates of all my favorite bloggers every time they went through a pregnancy and thought I would do my updates in a similar style, just filling you in on things like physical changes, emotional changes, cravings, aversions and so on.  Here goes!

Baby’s size:  About the size of a fig!

Weight gained:  None so far.  I actually am down from my pre-pregnancy weight by a pound or two.  I attribute this to my inability to eat a lot of foods I used to eat, plus my lack of interest in food in general due to nausea!


Exercise:  None!  I learned pretty fast that exerting myself causes me to feel ill, so I haven’t done any exercise this week.  I don’t plan on this being a permanent feature of my pregnancy, but I am not about to go do things that will make me feel worse!  Not only that, but since I can’t eat a lot, I don’t really have the energy for it right now anyway.


– tired to the point of wanting to lie down or sit nearly all of the time.  I also can’t keep my eyes open past nine, despite the fact I wake up pretty late for me (7ish).

– headaches.  I actually have gotten pretty consistent and fairly severe headaches recently that almost are worse than the nausea.  I’m not doing anything about them other than just taking it easy and hoping they go away!

– “morning” sickness, or rather “anytime” sickness.  For the better part of week 11, I felt nauseous, usually for the whole morning and afternoon, with evenings being much better.  I had an incident this week in which my husband was driving me to the grocery store, and once we got moving, I had him pull over in an empty parking lot to get sick!  He had never yet witnessed my morning sickness, so I think it made the whole thing “real” for him.  After I was done, he asked if I wanted to go home, but no, I wanted to go shopping! After getting sick, I felt the best I had all day.  I did notice the nausea easing up a bit towards the end of week 11, so I was hopeful I was taking a turn for the better in that department!

– sore and larger than normal “girls” if you know what I mean.  Nothing too crazy though, but still a noticeable symptom!

– leg pain.  As many of you know, I have had pretty chronic leg pain for the last six months or so due to inflammation in a joint, and my docs said pregnancy may make that pain better.  I thought it would be useful to chronicle if my joints do feel better during pregnancy, and as of week 11, I still felt the pain, though not that badly.

Emotional Breakdowns:  None, and that’s pretty good considering I have to go back to work next week.  I actually feel pretty mellow these days.

Food Aversions:  So many!  Sweet foods that I normally love taste way too sweet these days, and even fruit turns me off a lot of the time.  Nut butters don’t interest me, and most veggies are off limits, especially in raw form.  The majority of veggies I do eat are cooked in the Indian meals my mom makes for me.  Oatmeal, granola, quinoa, soups, greens, and cottage cheese all turn my stomach.

Food Cravings:  I won’t necessarily say I crave simple carbs like bread, bagels, and crackers, but I do live off of them these days.  I did have a few points this week where I was sick of my staple carby foods too, which made lunch really difficult to put together.  I ended up jazzing up some whole wheat bread with cheese for most lunches this week!  I at times crave pasta and marinara sauce (hence why I ate a can of Annie’s cheesy ravioli this week) and cheese.  Admittedly, there are a lot more foods this week I won’t eat compared to what I would!  I did randomly buy a bag of sweet potato tots, so I guess that’s a craving, right?  Oh, I have thought about vegetarian ramen noodles a few times this week also!


Maternity Clothes:  None.  While I do think the shape of my stomach area is changing, and feels more puffy overall, I haven’t gained any weight yet, so my clothes still fit fine.  I go back to school next week (week 12), and haven’t tried on any work clothes yet, so I hope they fit!  To be honest, I haven’t yet even thought about maternity clothes!

Sleep:  It’s been OK, but not great.  I find myself having trouble falling asleep due to crazy headaches, and then have issues with waking up throughout the night.  A few times I have woke up out of hunger, but was too tired to go get food, so I eventually fell asleep.  I also toss and turn like a champ in trying to find a comfortable position for my legs, which get stiff and more painful at night.

Gender:  Of the people who know about my pregnancy in week 11, two predict boy and my mom says girl (because I am so tired).  I honestly have no idea and no inclination, though I tend to picture a girl more than a boy.

Looking Forward To:  Spreading the news to more people next week when I go back to work!  None of my friends or coworkers know, so I really can’t wait to tell them.  By them time I see them, it will be week 12, which is close enough to the end of the first tri in my opinion to reveal the news and feel comfortable about it.  I am also looking forward showing a bit– by all accounts from people I have asked I look the same, so I cannot wait to actually have a legit bump!  I also can’t wait to tell my future new students the news– I always wondered if students treat you differently when you are a pregnant teacher.  Since I teach high school, I do think they’ll be a lot more gentle and helpful since they really get what’s going on.

Baby Items Purchased:  None– I am definitely holding out until I know if it is a boy or girl!

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