Baby B: Week 12 Recap

This post was written at the end of week 12– I am currently at the beginning of week 18 of pregnancy, so read this keeping in mind it was a while ago!  I will post all of my past weekly updates until I am current!

Week 12 has been a monumental week as far as Baby B is concerned!  I feel I have reached many milestones in my pregnancy plus gone through a few transitions this week that made the week extra special.


First and foremost, I had baby’s twelve week ultrasound on Wednesday of this week and honestly, the whole experience blew my away.  I was so anxious to see more pics of my babe and confirm that the baby was doing well and hitting all important milestones.  When I ever saw the image of the baby on the screen, I nearly lost it (in a good way!).  Baby was lying in the right position for the tech to conduct the nuchal translucency screening, which is a test to measure the space in the tissue in the back of the baby’s developing neck, used to determine risk of chromosomal abnormalities.  Thankfully, everything checked out to be normal, and as soon as the test was done, baby started to flip all over the place!  The tech said the baby was cooperative for the test because it is used to listening to directions, since I am a teacher and all!


This week also marked the week I returned back to work.  I was sort of nervous and how I would feel energy wise and nausea wise, since I was just nearing the end of my first trimester.  Fortunately, I think I was distracted enough to not ever let myself feel too tired our sick during the school day, and the biggest complaints I had were just being dead tired after school and very headachy.

Also, this was the week my husband and I started to tell friends and coworkers of our pregnancy!  I slowly started telling people I work with, and my husband slowly started to tell his best friends and coworkers as well.  My students, however, were not told– I planned on waiting until I showed a bit more, and probably am going to wait and see if they pick up on it first!

So baby and momma had a big week I suppose!  Here’s some more of my 12 week stats:

Baby’s size:  About the size of a lime!

Weight gained:  Again, none so far, however, I have a feeling that’s about to change soon.  My stomach area is definitely thickening and pushing outwards– I am actually surprised the number on the scale hasn’t really gone up yet considering my stomach is jutting out more.  Especially by the end of the day, my stomach feels pretty distended.


Exercise:  None still, though I have been pretty active in my return back to school.  While nausea seems to be declining, I still fear feeling sick from heat and exertion.


– still super tired, although I feel the adrenaline of back to school week has given my bursts of energy I might not have had.

– my headaches are still constant and pretty crippling.  Thankfully, they came on after work, so I was able to just lie down in a dark room to deal with them.  I almost considering adding a bit of caffeine into my afternoons to help with the headaches, but so far, I have resisted!

– itchy belly!  This week, the skin on my belly has been a little itchy– nothing too bad, but just a reminder that my skin is stretching!

– leg pain still haunts me on and off.  I still walk with a slight limp and can’t walk for long periods at a time.

Emotional Breakdowns:  None– in fact, never has back to school time been more relaxed!  I notice that school and work don’t bog me down anymore, because I have much better things to think about!

Food Aversions:  I am still off so many foods this week.  Veggies haven’t been abundant in my diet at all, and I am still over oatmeal, nut butters, quinoa, soups and a whole bunch of other foods I used to live off.

Food Cravings:  The food that tastes the best to me right now is whole wheat bread and muenster cheese sandwiches.  In fact, I have been taking them to work everyday!  I also have been eating a lot of plums–love the sourness.  When my husband and I were deciding where to go for dinner on Friday night, I ruled out every restaurant he suggested.  He finally suggested Chelo’s, a chain restaurant in RI that offers American comfort food.  I checked out the menu and noticed they had nachos and also a veggie burger, and that sounded perfect.  In fact, I had been thinking about nachos all week!



Maternity Clothes:  None.  I did go shopping on Sunday and bought some “back to school” clothes,” including a dress, skirt, some shirts and some pants.  The dress, skirt and shirts were all things that I think can last a few more months into my pregnancy and I think the pants will also work for a while, even when I need to use a belly band.  None of the purchases were maternity though.

Sleep:  I only had two restless nights of sleep and I know they were because I was worried my alarm wouldn’t go off!  Otherwise, things are going well in the sleep department.

Gender:  I actually was told at my ultrasound that the tech had a pretty good idea of what the gender was and asked if I wanted to know.  Unfortunately for you, I am going to keep you hanging on whether or not I found out. . .:)

Looking Forward To:  Looking more pregnant.  I want a bump!  Also, this week marks the week my husband had officially gone baby gear crazy– he spends all of his waking hours looking up baby stuff, which to me is the cutest thing.  I look forward to putting together the nursery and shopping for baby!

Baby Items Purchased:  None still though it is so tempting!

Gifts received:  My beyond incredible sister-in-law sent me a surprise in the mail.  Seeing as she knows I am obsessed with Rosie Pope and her show on Bravo, she sent me Rosie’s book, Maternity IQ.  It’s the perfect read for this stage in my pregnancy!  Thanks Jill!

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