Baby B: Week 13 Recap

This post was written at the end of week 13– I am currently at the beginning of week 18 of pregnancy, so read this keeping in mind it was a while ago!  I will post all of my past weekly updates until I am current!

For being my last week of the first trimester, Week 13 was a pretty fantastic one.  Many of my first tri symptoms disappeared and I felt fairly normal.  Baby B was pretty busy this week developing fingerprints and growing into the size of a 3 inch long pea pod!  All in all, mamma and baby were really excited to get to the end of the first trimester, and actually experience proof that what they say about unpleasant symptoms diminishing as you approach the second tri is true!

One thing that really took off for both me and my husband is baby gear research.  I downloaded the Baby Bargains book when I first found out I was pregnant, and have been slowly making myself through it since.  This week, though I was obsessed with it, and made a huge list of things I want, deciding on items like a crib, stroller,  glider and dresser.  I even made a list of the first books I want to buy for baby!  The best part about all of this research though is just how involved my husband was.  In fact, he almost bought us our crib this week, but I convinced him to wait just a bit longer.  He also is the one who found a perfect dresser for us at a local furniture store.  We even took a field trip to Pottery Barn Baby (about an hour away) so we could look at cribs and gliders in person.  We also went to Target, so I could show him the car seat I want, and point out to him exactly what a bouncer, swing, and pack n play looked like.


Baby gear research is actually really fun, though it is definitely overwhelming.  Anyway, here’s some more of my 13 week stats!


Baby’s size:  About the length of a pea pod!

Weight gained:  In the beginning of the week, I saw an increase in the scale by about a pound or so, which still put me at only a .4 pound gain from my pre-pregnancy weight.  However, by the end of the week, I was back down again.  Overall, it looks like I didn’t gain anything, although I swear my stomach is growing!



Exercise:  None.  My job does keep me active, but my biggest impediment to exercising this week wasn’t sickness, but leg pain.  My leg really acted up this week, worse than it has in a long time.  I had a very visible limp, to the point that I had to tell all of my students that I was limping because my leg hurt.  Usually, I can hide my leg pain at work, but not this time!  It hurt to put pressure on my left leg, and it even hurt to lie down with any pressure on my left butt cheek, where is where the pain concentrates.  I really do want to start going to the gym again this week, at least to use the elliptical, which typically doesn’t bother my leg too much.


– while I felt a bit more energetic, I was still really tired.  In fact, on Friday, I took a two-hour nap after work, and then slept from 8 P.M. to 7 A.M.  I think I was making up for the fact I now have to wake up at 4:50 in the morning for work!

– less headaches!  Finally, it seems like those terrible headaches are letting up.

– The itchy belly is raging, especially in the shower!  I finally started to research belly creams and plan on buying some this week! (Updated to add– I still haven’t bought any yet!!)

– Feeling more bloated than usual– it let up a bit at the very end of the week, but sometimes I feel like just the act of eating bloats my belly out by inches!

Emotional Breakdowns:  One!  But I don’t think it was pregnancy related.  One night, my husband was out late at an event and I was waiting for him to get home.  When I called him, his phone was dead, so of course, I started imagining the worst things!  For hours, I was tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep but couldn’t.  He finally came home, but I was so mad that he let his phone die that I couldn’t fall asleep until 1:30.  I ended up getting only three hours of sleep that night, hence my Friday crash!

Food Aversions:  I haven’t been totally disgusted by anything, but I also haven’t tried to add things back into my diet.  I have been craving a good salad though, so that’s a great sign.

Food Cravings:  Still on a whole wheat bread and cheese kick!  I haven’t craved anything this week other than a fresh, veggie-full salad with good dressing.  Food that do sound the best to me include pizza and French fries, but again, I haven’t necessarily been craving them.

Maternity Clothes:  Still none.  I actually tried on last year’s school clothes for the first time to wear to work, and fortunately, the pants I grabbed still fit.  I have been gravitating towards shirts that have a bit of extra fabric around the belly just in case (still trying to hide my pregnancy from students).  I did go to Target with my mom this week and looked at those belly bands they sell for when I do need to get some!

Sleep:  Fear of missing my alarm has caused me to wake up at least four times during the night, almost every night.  My leg also caused me to shift around a lot, interrupting my sleep,  Again, I had one three-hour night, followed by an eleven-hour night!

Gender:  Last week, we were given a good idea of the gender, but this week, after reading how often techs mess up when trying to predict gender early, I decided to not trust the prediction that much until my official anatomy scan on October 11th.

Looking Forward To: The bloat turning into a bump!  I also really want to start buying baby stuff, but since I am not one hundred percent sold on the gender we were told, I can’t buy any gender-specific stuff.  I am thinking I may start purchasing baby’s first books!

Baby Items Purchased:  None but we almost bought a crib.

Gifts received:  One officially– about 15 unofficially!  My mother-in-law came over on Sunday and brought us baby’s first gift– an adorable stuffed pony!  She also confessed that she bought about fifteen or twenty baby outfits, half boy and half girl!  She said she would return whatever she had to once the gender was revealed. She had a  bag full in her car and brought them in and gave us a little fashion show!!  The clothes were so adorable!  Of course she kept them so she could return half when the time came, but it was so fun to catch a glimpse of baby’s first clothes.  She is amazing, and also brought me the piece of strawberry shortcake I was craving, plus a whole chocolate cream pie!

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