Baby B: Week 14 Recap

This post was written at the end of week 14– I am currently at the beginning of week 18 of pregnancy, so read this keeping in mind it was a while ago!  I will post all of my past weekly updates until I am current!

Finally– this past week marked the beginning of the second trimester!  I know there’s some debate about when the second tri starts– some say week 12, others say week 13, and of course, many say week 14.  To be on the safe side, I went with the latter, so for me, this was a milestone that was a long time coming!

This week, I finally managed to tell my little secret to everyone who I was waiting to tell.  We had dinner plans on Friday of this week with four of our closest friends, and they were really the last few we wanted to break the news to in person.  Now, at this point, I feel comfortable with everyone knowing I am pregnant– well, except my students, from whom I am still hiding the news.

I think I will just dive right into this week’s recap, OK?

Baby’s size:  About the size of a lemon!  Still pretty tiny and still small enough to forget someone’s in there!

Weight gained:  As of my last weigh in, it looks like I am about a pound above my pre-pregnancy weight, so finally, there’s some gain!  Still, though it’s only a pound, my waist is definitely thickening and it is especially noticeable at night.

Exercise:  Talk about frustrating.  Mentally, I really want to start exercising– I am over most of my morning sickness and actually have a little energy.  However, my hip pain is outrageous these days.  I went to my physical therapist on Monday of this week for treatment, and he gave me a compression belt for my pelvis.  Unfortunately, it’s not doing anything for me.  I have pain on both sides, it is constant, and it keeps me from walking normally.  I have a very noticeable limp and it is hard for me to do things like get in and out of bed, turn in bed, and climb stairs.  I have resisted taking any medicine (Tylenol is safe) until my next obgyn appointment, which fortunately is in a few days.  My physical therapist also suggested I ask about cortisone shots, which may give me long-term relief.  Despite how awesome pregnancy is, my one frustration is how my legs/hips are not cooperating and that I can’t take medicine for it!


– hip pain of course.  It’s gotten worse, not better, over time.

– stuffy nose.  I heard this is pretty common at this stage and even has a name:  “rhinitis of pregnancy.”  It may just be that I have a mild cold too, since my throat has been sore lately too.

– bloat, bloat, bloat.  I don’t have a firm bump, but rather, just a super mushy gut!

– This may be tmi, but my digestive system had definitely slowed down, if you know what I mean.  I get full really fast, and things are a bit slower to empty than usual!  I guess that is also a pretty common pregnancy symptom!

Emotional Breakdowns:  Not a one!  Well, I did have a moment of extreme frustration when I couldn’t turn in bed because my hip hurt so much in the middle of the night.  But it only lasted a few seconds before I fell back asleep.

Food Aversions:  Garlicky foods.  I must be super sensitive to garlic, because I can smell it on everyone!  In fact, at least three times a week, I told my husband he smelled like garlic.  I was right too, because it was after he ate things like hummus and leftover pizza!

Food Cravings:  Well not much has changed here– still loving whole wheat bread and cheese.  I also have been all about leafy green salads with good dressing (though I actually only ate one this week!).  One night, I craved animal or graham crackers, but didn’t have any to indulge in.  I also can’t wait to get my hands on some honeycrisp apples!

Maternity Clothes:  None yet!  All of my pants still fit, though some do feel tighter.  I only wear loose and blousy shirts though, since I am very conscious of hiding my growing belly from students.  It seems none of them have caught on yet!

Sleep:  Let’s see– I have been getting a lot of it I guess!  New bedtime is 8 P.M., and I wake up a bit before 5.  No naps this week though.

Gender:  Nothing confirmed yet.  I am planning a gender reveal party for family in my head though for when the time comes.

Looking Forward To:  Still looking forward to a true bump, finding out the gender, and getting the room ready.  I also was given a hint that my mother-in-law and husband’s sis are planning a shower for me, which I think was the sweetest thing I heard all week.  I feel so honored that they are so excited to do that, so of course, I look forward to that too, though it won’t be until December.

Baby Items Purchased:  I actually bought a pregnancy journal this week to record the highlights of each week.  I bought this one, which came highly recommended and it pretty simple and easy to fill out.


Gifts received:  One of my husband’s friends gave us baby’s first book.  Yes, my husband (and I) are Democrats, and yes, my husband is involved in politics!  It’s actually a really cute book inside, but more than anything, it just makes me laugh since it is so my husband. I am actually not very political at all.


All in all, it was a great week, but I can’t wait until I am further along and able to start really feeling pregnant!

Oh and by the way, sorry I have no baby bump pics to show you this week– I totally spaced on taking photos, but I promise to next week!

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