Baby B: Week 15 Recap

This post was written at the end of week 15– I am currently in week 18 of pregnancy, so read this keeping in mind it was a while ago!  I will post all of my past weekly updates until I am current!

Before I delve into the details of week 15, I thought I would address something that happened to me this week. . . it’s nothing major, but I was sort of surprised at my reaction!

So, one day at work this week I wore a peplum-style shirt that I have worn a million times pre-pregnancy.  If you are not unfamiliar with what a peplum shirt is, it is defined as  a shirt with “a short skirt attached to the bodice.”  Here’s a pic of a peplum-style shirt just to give you an idea:


Now again, I have worn this particular shirt of mine before I was pregnant for years. During lunchtime one day, I walked into the teacher’s room and there were a bunch of teachers hanging out. One teacher (who I love) immediately started to stare at my belly and pronounce to the whole staff how cute my baby bump was. Another teacher chimed in and all of a sudden, all attention was on me.

I am not comfortable with being the center of attention at all. Also, in all honesty, there was no baby bump visible– all they saw was the bottom of my shirt flared out (as it was the style of the shirt). While I smiled as I walked through the crowd, I actually was quite uncomfortable. When I finally got to my own desk on the other side of the room, another coworker of mine whispered to me that they were imagining a bump under my shirt because she didn’t notice an actual bump at all. Now all in all, you may wonder why this bothered me because in fact, I can’t wait to get a legit bump. I guess I just didn’t like the attention, and I didn’t like the feeling of my body being analyzed by others. Unfortunately, that comes with the pregnancy territory, I know, but I guess I wasn’t ready for it yet! I also knew whatever bumpage I do have was not actually visible– it was just the style of shirt I was wearing, which I think annoyed me because it made me realize people are starting to check me out, whether I know it or not. As someone who has had her fair share of body image issues in the past, it just made me feel weird. I harbor no resentment towards me coworker– in fact, I know she was just happy for me and genuinely thought I looked cute.  I guess I just didn’t realize how the way people look at me will change with pregnancy!

Now onto the weekly recap!


Baby’s size:  An apple!  I can’t believe the baby is that big!  By the way, excuse my poor outfit choice above that fails to show baby at all!  I had just gotten back from a failed attempt at a walk!

Weight gained:  Not sure this week, since I didn’t weigh myself. My guess is I’m up from my pre-pregnancy weight by a pound or two. I definitely look a little rounder in this photo!


Exercise:  I tried to go for a walk this week with my husband, but had to turn around after a few blocks.  My hips are still raging.  I had an obgyn appointment this week and asked her for advice on what to do.  She gave me the OK to take Tylenol, which does take the edge off for when I am at work.  I also contacted my rheumatologist, who referred me to a pain management specialist I will be seeing in a few weeks.  Basically, they are going to determine if any kind of localized shot in the affected area will help me without causing any complications.  My worry is that as I get bigger, the pain will get worse and I won’t be able to walk at all, so this needs to get nipped in the bud.


– hip pain still.  Especially at night.  it’s awful and a little debilitating at times.

– I definitely had a cold this week and it’s slowly working itself out of my system.  Everyone seems to be sniffling at work this week so I guess it was inevitable.

– bloated/constipated still.  Not gonna lie!

– weird hunger patterns.  Some nights I was so hungry I could not wait to eat dinner.  Other nights, I had to practically force myself to eat.  I had one super hungry Friday night this week that could only be satisfied with pizza, French fries and chocolate!


Emotional Breakdowns:  None. My husband is actually quite impressed with how cool I have been lately, given the fact I can’t walk straight!

Food Aversions: None really, but I don’t have a ton of interest in a lot of foods lately either. I just think I cannot eat the same foods over and over, especially for dinner, because I get sick of foods so easily. I have to switch up my dinners every night or I won’t feel like eating!

Food Cravings:  I actually have been eating salad most nights this week! I bought a few of those small prepared mixed salads from Whole Foods, and have been trying to eat one at least every other night. I definitely had a pizza craving this week, and chocolate has been calling to me too. I indulged in a few small chocolates twice this week and they hit the spot big time!

Maternity Clothes:  Still none. . . wonder how long that will last though!

Sleep:  I have been sleeping pretty well. My only complaint is how often I wake up due to my hip pain.

Gender:  Still unknown– I will know in about three weeks!

Looking Forward To:  I am looking forward to looking pregnant, as opposed to looking like I just ate too much. One of my friends confirmed that I have a food baby but not a true baby bump. I am also dying to tell my students, which I haven’t done yet. Also, my husband and I plan on making at least one big baby furniture purchase next week, so I can’t wait for that.

Baby Items Purchased:  None at all! Still waiting for that gender to be revealed officially!

Gifts received:  Well, we didn’t get any baby gifts this week, but my husband did have an open house at our new home this week for his coworkers. Many of them brought flowers and wine (I don’t drink anyway so I had no interest in that), but one did bring chocolates, which the baby has been loving this week!

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