Baby B: Week 16 Recap

This post was written at the end of week 15– I am currently in week 18 of pregnancy, so read this keeping in mind it was a while ago!  I will post all of my past weekly updates until I am current!

Four months! This definitely feels like a major milestone, if only for the fact I am officially well into the second trimester. This week was a big one for my husband and I because we finally dropped some major dough on Baby B! On Friday, my husband and I committed to our crib and glider choices, and purchased them both online at Pottery Barn!

We decided to go with a Pottery Barn crib and glider because when we visited the Pottery Barn Baby store in Natick, Massachusetts a month or so ago, we were very impressed with the options and also with the customer service. The women we talked through discussed all of our options with us, and even told us she would be willing to come to our house to help us with the room design! While we won’t go that far, I liked their crib and glider options, and felt very comfortable purchasing from them. When I cross-referenced with the Baby Bargains book in regards to Pottery Barn furniture reviews, the only complaint I really saw was that the furniture is pricey. However, the crib we ended up going with wasn’t that expensive, considering a lot of other options out there, and while the glider was very costly, it fits me perfectly, it has a great, versatile design so it can be used well beyond baby stage, and it is super comfortable.

We ended up going with the Kendall low-profile crib in Espresso wood.  The “low-profile” just means the legs are a bit shorter, so the crib sits lower to the ground, which is helpful for a shorty like me!


We selected the Comfort Swivel glider in “Velvet Buckwheat,” with a matching ottoman.  The glider comes in a larger size, but I chose the smaller one since I was swallowed up in the bigger one!


We also purchased the crib mattress and mattress pad from Pottery Barn, as well as a changing pad from Amazon!  We are going to bring the changing pad with us to our favorite furniture store to put on various dressers, to make sure we pick a dresser low enough for me to comfortably change a baby on it!  We went with the Baby Bargains recommendation for a changing pad and bought the Simmons’ Two Sided Contour Changing Table Pad with Non-Skid Bottom.

I am so thrilled to finally be getting ready for the babe!  Now, we are going to wait until October 11th to find out the gender, and the next step will be painting the room sometime in October.

Now onto my sixteen week stats!

Baby’s size:  An avocado!


Weight gained:  It seems like I am a pound up from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Though my weight hasn’t jumped much, the shape of my stomach area is way different, and my stomach area is so much more distended, especially at night.


Exercise:  I actually went to the gym for the first in months this week!  I only went once, and I squeezed out thirty minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the bike.  I am still in major pain in regards to my hips, and have tried to get an earlier appointment with the pain management specialist I am scheduled to see October 9th but with no success.  I cannot walk normally, I can’t walk far, and I can’t sleep well due to my SI joints that are inflamed (these are the joints that connect the back and butt!).  I can make it through the school day, but after that, I am pretty useless!  I am hoping I can get Cortisone shots in the affected area so I can walk properly.


– Hip/butt pain. . . still!  Physical therapy this week actually made it feel worse!  I can’t wait for my pain management appointment.

– Poor sleep due to the fact I can’t put pressure on the inflamed joints causing me pain.  I also have trouble turning in bed from side to side.

– I still feel “backed up” and bloated, which are obviously very common symptoms.

– Not feeling hungry, which concerns me a bit.  I want to be ravenous!

– My belly is so itchy all of the time!

Emotional Breakdowns:  None, but I have been a bit cranky at night because I can’t get in a comfortable sleep position.

Food Aversions: None specifically, but veggies don’t sound that great to me.

Food Cravings:  Pizza of course, plus any sort of bread and cheese combo.  I also have been craving pumpkin desserts, and managed to indulge with a piece of vegan pumpkin torte.

Maternity Clothes:  Still none. . .

Sleep:  Like I said, poor!!!

Gender:  Two more weeks till I finally find out (or really just confirm what I think I know already!).

Looking Forward To:  I am still looking forward to getting a real baby bump!  I noticed one day this week when lying in bed how the lower region of my abdominal area felt different and more pronounced than the upper region.  Perhaps this is a sign of some upcoming bumpage?  I also still can’t wait to tell my students, and I also am antsy to get the nursery started in terms of painting it (once we know the gender of course!).

Baby Items Purchased:  Crib, mattress, mattress pad, changing pad, glider!

Gifts received:  One of my coworkers (who is really my second mother) gave me a bunch of shirts that her daughter had, many of which still had tags.  They aren’t maternity shirts, but many are looser and could work for a long time.  They are very cute and from my favorite stores, like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.  It was such a sweet surprise and so thoughtful of her to pass them along to me.


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