Baby B: Week 17 Recap

Hi friends!  After this recap, I should be all caught up!  Look for my current week 18 recap later this weekend, plus I promise many more “real-time” pregnancy and non-pregnancy posts ahead! 

Week 17 was crazy in terms of pregnancy developments!!  I have to say, this is the week I feel like I popped!  Last week, I still didn’t feel pregnant yet, just bloated.  Well it is official– I feel pregnant!

Out of seemingly nowhere, my stomach looks pregnant!  I have a bump!  My mom, husband and a few coworkers all noticed that my stomach is sticking out a lot more than usual.  And it isn’t just bloat because I cannot suck it in!  My weight also jumped this week, so I guess I am just making up for lost “weight gain” time!

I definitely can feel what I describe as a “water balloon” in my abdomen.  During physical therapy this week, I had to lie on my stomach for a bit, and I felt a distinct sensation of lying on a balloon.  I don’t think I will be lying on my stomach anymore for therapy!

All of these changes are so reassuring though.  It’s been a long time since I have had an ultrasound, so of course, it is only natural to worry about whether or not things are going OK.  With the appearance of a bump and the fact I can feel my uterus, I feel more confident that my baby is developing as he or she should.  To be honest, my lack of weight gain worried me a bit, because I wasn’t sure if baby was getting everything he or she needs, but now that I am permanently up in weight, I feel so much more better about that.

How about some seventeen week stats?

Baby’s size:  A turnip apparently!

Weight gained:  Based on the few times I jumped on the scale throughout the week, I think I am up a solid two to three pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  At the very least, I am pretty sure that I gained a solid two pounds just this week.  I am sure all the weight is in my abdominal area.  According to most websites I read, I should be gaining about a pound a week now!

Exercise:  None more or less.  I went on one 20 minute walk with my husband when my SI joint was having a “good day.”  I have my pain management specialist appointment in just a few days, and I am hoping some miracle can be performed so that I can walk better.  I really miss exercise!


– Hip/butt pain us still in the house.  I did have a few good days where I felt much better (to me that means I can get through the day without Tylenol).

– Sleep is still challenging.  Since my belly made itself be known this week, I had trouble finding comfortable positions.  I finally caved in and researched the Snoogle body pillow, which I heard is a wonder product for easing hip and back pain during pregnancy.  I hope my husband is ready to be replaced in bed since the Snoogle is a beast!

– I get so full so fast!  Just a simple bread and cheese sandwich makes me almost too full!

– My bladder is beginning to talk to me a lot more!  I still have no trouble getting through the school day with just a few restroom stops, but I do feel the pressure of a full bladder more than ever.

– Still got an itchy belly!

Emotional Breakdowns:  None!  I’ve been pretty happy lately!

Food Aversions: None specifically, but I am still having trouble adding foods like quinoa and some veggies just because I don’t feel like it.

Food Cravings:  Pizza is still my number one (and I indulged in that with a major foodfest on Friday night of this week that also included French fries and mozzarella sticks).  Cheese still rules.  I think I am going to jump a bit more on the fall veggie bandwagon though– all this talk of butternut squash and brussels sprouts sounds delicious.  Oh, and pumpkin flavored things still appeal to me– in fact, I tried and loved Pepperidge Farm’s pumpkin cheesecake seasonal cookies this week.

Here’s some photos of my Friday night extravaganza!




Maternity Clothes:  None, however it may be time.  I think I am going to invest in a belly band or two this week, plus some long tanks to wear under my shirts.  My current camis are starting to ride up now!  So I still haven’t told my students I am pregnant yet, and based on a survey of other teachers, there hasn’t even been any buzz.  My goal is to wait one more week before I tell them, so hopefully, my regular work clothes will be cooperative and make it that week with me.  I plan on telling them October 15, when we come back from Columbus Day weekend because then, I am surely going to look pregnant, and I will know the gender too!  Good thing blousy shirts are in style.

Sleep:  Better than the week before but not great.

Gender:  One more week– the anticipation is almost too much!

Looking Forward To:  Showing off my new bumpage.  Like I said, I still have to hide it for a week more, but then it will be all bump all the time!   Well, I mean in a classy way!  Obviously finding out the gender is utmost on my “looking forward to” list.  I still can’t wait to tell my students too!  Oh, and I am dying to buy more baby stuff, but I am holding off until the baby’s gender is known.

Baby Items Purchased:  Well nothing new, but some of the stuff we ordered last week came in!  We know have our crib mattress and changing pad.  Also, I signed up for a local pregnancy group that starts next week, which I am so excited to be a part of.

Best moment of the week:  When my husband came home and showed me a picture of a half Indian/ half Caucasian child that his friend knew and this child was just the cutest thing ever!  It not only gave me a glimpse into what my baby could look like, but made me realize I would have one of those of my own very soon!

On My Mind:  I am starting to look into things like finding a chiropractor for pregnancy, prenatal massage, childbirth classes, pediatricians and even photographers for our future newborn photo shoot!


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