Baby B: 22 Week Recap

Week 22 kind of whipped by!  I had a great and quick week at work and didn’t have many obligations after school.  I got in a bunch of quality reality tv time and had quite a few nights of just relaxing on the couch.

I thought it was about time I tell you a little bit more about the pregnancy group I attend every Monday night, from 6 to 7:30.  Based on a recommendation from a friend, I joined this group through the organization RI New Moms Connection.  This organization is fantastic, and hosts a bunch of different groups, including new moms groups. Our group (of 8) basically meets once a week for eight weeks at a local children’s consignment shop, and every week, our wonderful group host/leader, Kristen, brings a new topic to the table for discussion.  Our group starts with a little check-in, where we all give an update on how we are feeling, and then we talk about whatever is on our minds, and also discuss whatever the topic is for the week!

I love our group– the girls are fantastic and the topics of discussion are so useful.  This past week, we discussed breastfeeding, and even had a special guest come in from a local breastfeeding organization to answer our questions!  Past topics included baby gear and self-care.  In fact, a few weeks back, a chiropractor came to visit us who specialized in pregnancy.  I have since gone to see this doc four times, and I credit a lot of why I feel so much better to him!  The group does cost around one hundred bucks for the eight-week session, but for all the knowledge and support I have gained, it is worth it!

So now. . . recap time!


Baby’s size: According to Babycenter, Baby B is the size of a spaghetti squash and weighs nearly a pound!


Weight gained:  Based on my one weekly weigh-in, I am up four and a half pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.


Exercise: I exercised twice this past week– a 60 minute elliptical session and a 45 minute walk with the husband outside.


– This was the worst week yet for two unpleasant pregnancy symptoms.  First, I felt ridiculously full all of the time!  It is beyond uncomfortable.  Eating just a little feels like too much.  I haven’t stopped eating, and I continue to eat enough, but after each meal, I feel really full for hours and hours.  In fact, it’s really disrupted my sleep because the full feeling from dinner doesn’t wear off for a long time.  I know the baby is squeezing my organs, thus creating less room in my stomach, but wow, It is not fun at all.

– The other thing that is really annoying is my itchy belly.  Even lotions and oils don’t calm it (though they do help!)!

–  I am less “backed up” (tmi I know) this week mostly because I have been eating more spicy and fibrous foods this week (on purpose!).

– Still feel super dehydrated, despite adequate water consumption.

– I am feeling tired a lot after work, but then again, what’s new?

Emotional breakdowns: None!  In fact, I have had a great week mood-wise!

Food aversions: After overdosing on quinoa and tofu, I wouldn’t say I am averse, but I am definitely sick of it.  Other than that, nothing!

Food cravings:  Is it getting old that all I want on weekend dinners out is pizza?  Also, salads with fruit, nuts, cheese and delicious dressings really are floating my boat!



Maternity Clothes: I still haven’t worn anything that is officially maternity yet.  I did buy some Target Be Bands to test out on pants so I can continue to wear my regular pants once they feel to tight around the waist.  I also went to Motherhood Maternity this week to try on some stuff, but honestly, I was swimming in the maternity clothes!  I am a small-framed person (only 5 feet three inches and petite), so maternity clothes, even in small sizes are often still too big.

Gender:  Girl of course!

Big Moment of the Week:  Our nursery painting has commenced.  In fact, the painter is almost done, and has to come back one more day this coming week.  It’s a beautiful deep peach color, and once it is finished, we can finally start getting the nursery together!  Oh and I had a prenatal massage this past week that was to die for.  She used a body pillow to make me comfortable, and after that, I convinced hubby to order me a Snoogle, which I now own and love!

Looking Forward To:  My doctor’s appointment this coming week.  I am starting to worry a bit because it has been a month since I have heard baby’s heartbeat (a month between appointments is way too long!), and since my anterior placenta is shielding her movements, I haven’t really felt her yet.  I can’t wait to get confirmation that she is doing well!

Baby Items Purchased: Well I bought some bottles to test out this week, as well as some baby clothes that were on super sale at Carter’s.  I also received the diaper bag I ordered last week, and thought I would show you it!  After tons of research, I decided on this large Ju Ju Be Be prepared bag In Licorice Twirl (black with gold embellishments).  It is sturdy, huge and full of convenient compartments.  And, it is very well rated!



I wish I was. . . able to enjoy food more, able to feel baby kick, able to see more pics of Baby B so I can see what she is up to now!

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